New review: Before I met you 27.07.2016

When I read the book, I didn’t even know about the existence of the film adaptation. Even regret having watched the film. Louise portrayed some ever-smiling silly fool. But she’s not. She is kind and humble, but not stupid.

Wil also not convinced. I think this actor should play the strong spirit of men and heroes-lovers, and not a disabled person, ready to commit suicide. There is no suffering, at least I didn’t see it.

I liked Trina and Patrick. Here they are quite consistent with his characters. Well, the parents of both of the main characters in my opinion did a great job with their roles.

And I sad that such a deep plot on the screen made a tearful melodrama. In the book, reveal major problems, such as difficult life of a disabled person despite the wealth, the ever-controversial issue of euthanasia. In the movie the way the clinic is doing euthanasia very embellished. In fact, she was in some industrial area.

I recommend to read the continuation of the story “After you.” I hope that if there is a film more worthy.

New review: Before I met you 27.07.2016

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