New review: Ben-Hur 21.06.2017

What impresses and inspires the old “Ben-Hur”? The end of history when the impossible happens, and hope washes away with the doomed bodies the leprosy of corruption. The faith of the hero in the possibility of salvation of his family through Christ is almost extinguished. As it might save someone one who is deprived of his liberty, water, respect, and life itself?! But even before the resurrection of the Savior of the aspirations of Ben-Hur come true. In this character and greatness of faith. The rest of the film is only a prelude to this final.

That Bekmambetov — and nothing! Solid shooter, which, however, are too few fighters and too many for philosophical plot. Rate Hollywood Timur in “Ben-Hur” was fundamentally flawed. The previously successful “Patrols” is a fantasy, where the philosophy of unobtrusive POPs up then when understanding. But do you believe in something heroes “patrols” besides yourself? That Bekmambetov similarly convinced of their importance. It is favorable to create fighters, but is an insurmountable obstacle to the production of religious films. It is impossible without faith to talk about it! The more lead the audience.

And if in America the film took bad, why in Russia that considers itself a Christian country, not watch it incomprehensible narrative.

About oysters is known to all that they have to try before to talk about them. With faith for the Director turned out differently…

And since the goal is not achieved:

0 out of 10

New review: Ben-Hur 21.06.2017

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