New review: Big 05.10.2017

If you do not treat the”Big” as you try to sing Patriotic ballet, and to consider it as a classic story of overcoming, in which man, despite all obstacles and circumstances to follow a dream, the film looks quite organically.

Perhaps, in the work of Todorovski not so much original. Everything is based on the well-known techniques of proven patterns: a difficult childhood in the boondocks, strange family, the spark of talent, lucky ticket, painful work on yourself, tough opponent, and in the final the reward for perseverance and faith in your own dreams. It’s such a strong Guild drama, where the genre dictates the necessity of certain components.

Well, I can fall in love?

Diversity, and therefore the novelty, add a few details: 1) attractive because of their unattractiveness, the main character 2) good acting (especially Freundlich) 3) ripped plot, constantly referring viewers in different time periods 4) successfully spelled out the relationships between the characters.

Here, the Director presses on Canon for white packs are the tears, blood, sweat and intrigue. There is rather an attempt to show girls who give themselves one of the most exciting and difficult arts, when around a violent world, so many temptations and passions.

– You know, with me, fairy tales don’t happen.

I was all arranged — and the atmosphere, and the picture, and the opening theme. A decent film for family viewing.

7 out of 10

New review: Big 05.10.2017

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