New review: Big little lies 20.10.2017

Finished watching the mini series from HBO elegegant. 4 Emmy award 2017 and the status of the best series of the year. A few years ago it was impossible to imagine that the series (not to be confused with wretchedness on our TV, which is also called series) will start to push the huge Hollywood projects, but now it is a reality. The biggest Directors in the world, the stars of the first magnitude is readily removable, even for the titans streaming, like Netflix. If 5-7 years ago someone said that two Oscar-winning Actresses superstars world — wide- Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon will star for TV, no one would have believed this is Now the reality.

The Town Of Monterey. Paradise of the rich and successful people. He arrives in Jane, the girl who once brutally raped, and then her son, ziggy. He is 6 years old and the mother decides that it is better to learn at a reputable school. However, on the first day, the girl Anabella someone strangled, and she pointed at ziggy. Anabella daughter of the most influential women of the city of Renate. The company begins against the guy, and her daughter who continues to offend. For Jane and ziggy join Madeline and Celeste, a successful woman who doesn’t believe in the guilt of the boy. But who have their own secrets.

The series begins with the end. At the masquerade ball at school, someone is killed who? No spoilers. A very slow, meditative speed of the narrative, frankly, not an outstanding script, frighten us, and we are not afraid, but it does not come off!

Director Jean-Marc Vallee (Dallas buyers club, Café de Flore), agent IV Balance (wild, Brooklyn). Gorgeous photography, served as a giant birthday cake.

Great job Reese Witherspoon and Alexander Skarsgaard, who becomes a star of the first magnitude, excelling famous father. Well, I already wrote this, the year of the triumphant return of Nicole Kidman. She was there incredible in the last episode it shows what an extra class. One of the best Actresses in the world. It is the artists form of intuitive energy between them and weave a single fabric, on a background of incredible scenery and precisely chosen music.

Definitely recommend

New review: Big little lies 20.10.2017

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