New review: Big little lies 22.06.2017

As there is cinema, the same lasted for imaginary rivalry between feature films and television series. When almost always, the winners in this confrontation was the first. However, it is safe to say that over the last ten years, the balance deteriorated. Television series began to gather an impressive budgets to cover the more daring and ambitious ideas, and to engage leading Directors and actors of the feature films. Was no exception and the show filmed renowned canadian Jean-Marc Vale, which can be called one of the greatest novelties of the season.

First day of school for students first class. The strangulation marks on the face of a little girl. The accusations aimed at recently arrived in the city the boy starts a chain reaction completely confusing, emotionally intense and severe events, the consequences of which will affect absolutely every character of the narrative. It was around this and forming the strongest impression of the human drama that almost completely destroys all formed stereotypes, removes the rose-colored glasses and immerses the viewer in the everyday reality of our lives. Where the lines between good and evil, and black and white have long been erased and every one of us the good and the bad equally and it develops the main intrigue of the tape.

When following the example of such serial hits as “True detective” and “the Lovers”, the show for all seven episodes of willingly jumping from past to present and back in a chaotic order. Showing the scene of the crime, scene investigations and interrogations, but keeping two main questions almost to the end. Who was the murder victim and who is that killer? It is encouraging that the intrigue is skillfully retained in the final minutes to guess the personalities of both will be able to think only a few (if you can), and already got the answers, all the tormented questions, get your answers much clearer and the mosaic is going in one sheet. Unexpected and definitely a strong climax.

Not to mention how great the show “dissects” the theme of the institution of marriage. Perhaps not so subtly and cynically as “Disappeared”, but certainly forming considerable food for thought to the viewer. Almost immediately stating the author’s opinion that a happy marriage almost never happens. As there is an opportunity to be unhappy. Wife, husband who suddenly is able to transform from a loving and caring spouse in a cruel and violent despot. Wife, who is wonderful in all respects husband and love him, but feels lost and does not feel to him no attraction.

Surrounding this and forming virtually the same message, which was addressed in close enough on the topic of the mini-series “the Slap”. Actually voicing from the mouth of the authors of the series a message about how important it is to be human in all moments of life, to help families, bravely endure even the most severe blows of fate and just live together. Corny, but as they say — the truth lies in simplicity.

Absolute discovery is a great trio of performers of the main roles in the face of Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley, each of which played some of the best roles in their careers. Kidman just melted in your way, Witherspoon finally got rid of the image of the dumb blonde, Woodley again announced himself as a serious and talented actress, not just a “CW actress” teen pictures. Phenomenal game showed Alexander Skarsgard, who just disappeared in the image of a violent spouse. Like he is his hero in real life. Yeah and all the cast want a standing ovation.

10 out of 10

Big little lies is certainly one of the strongest and best novelties of the season, which is a another quality product of HBO. Very rich and eventful, incredibly intriguing, vital, soulful and exciting human drama that gives the viewer a lot of food for thought and hardly quickly forgotten after viewing.

New review: Big little lies 22.06.2017

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