New review: Big Paradise 30.07.2016

Before our attention a very good and touching film Director and screenwriter Thomas BezuchaBig Paradise“. The movie was warm and life-affirming film. She looks with a smile and in a pleasant atmosphere, which was created by the creators of this film. To be honest, liked the movie and looked on one breath. Two hours of preview passed quickly, and the movie left a good impression.

We have a history of the charismatic Henry. He is an artist and gay and works in new York. When he has to visit the province also has a Paradise of a patient grandfather, Henry there encounters his old love — Dean. Long forgotten feelings again breaks out, but Dean gives, and gave only a hint of sympathy, he himself is the father. While Henry understands the shadows of the past, fate gives him a new acquaintance in the person of Indian Soldering, which prepares food for grandpa Henry and immediately falls in love with the city.

This film brings some warmth and something of the heart. His story reveals something that is not visible, and this is most important in people’s lives. The characters were good, kind people, and everyone has their own destiny. Henry fate didn’t give any of that for many years, once gave an unexpected choice in the face of two men. The choice was for him, and the hero had to decide what he wants and what he feels. Amused attentive and warm attitude of the people of Paradise. They all cared about the feelings of Rations and matchmaker all the time Henry. Was unusual. I do not believe that it can be.

The main role in the film played by such actors as Ari gross and Eric Sweig. It is with the hero Ari gross the audience is for this story, but the character is Indian Swaga Eric was the soul of this movie and the most touching. Tim Dickey played Dean, and his character was like the path of temptation to the protagonist, something unattainable, illusory and unnecessary. Love with the main character was very close. Just had a good look at her. In female roles a nice woman lit American actress Louise Fletcher. Me she gave up the role of a bitch nurses in the cult film “one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest“, so it is always nice to see in other films.

Big Paradise” — American romance on gay themes 2000. Movie heartwarming and light but also deep and life, the picture is truthful and shows a good, far-sighted gaze of the Director. This film is about love, about life, about family values, kindness, and about something very important. I like this film liked it, and I assess it positively. Thank you!

8 out of 10

New review: Big Paradise 30.07.2016

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