New review: Big splash 22.09.2017

It so happens that choosing the film for a very simple reason… namely because of the great cast. It happened with the “Big splash”. In this story took part of the infamous all: Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fiennes, Matthias Sonars and Dakota Johnson. Directed by Luke Guadagnino.

From the very first frame that you start to doubt the originality of the story, that story has ever been told and shown, and very brilliant. A few more shots, a few remarks… All clear. Yes this is a remake of the famous “Pool” of Jacques Dere! And no matter how the Director wanted the “Big splash” to get away from the comparisons, it is simply impossible. Guadagnino believes that his film is not a remake, and Dere he took a place — the pool, which meet the main characters. That’s right. But the viewer knows better.

As for the plot, much is taken from the “Pool”. Only in the ending of the new film changing meanings, Dere is all the more dramatic. Whatever you say, Guadagnino motion picture came out quite interesting. Sometimes there are deviations from the classical story known to all. For example, it concerns the heroine Swinton. She is a rock diva, whose voice problems. The actress showed itself once again with the different sides: that she is a passionate lover, tender and delicate nature, the brightest star on the stage, it is too correct, it is absolutely reckless. It is expected to do anything. In this respect she wins the heroine Romy Schneider. Tastes differ, but still… is it possible to find a replacement for the incredible Schneider in “the swimming Pool”? Do not rewrite history. Schneider has become an inherent part of the beauty of the movie the Village, as well as Alain Delon. It forever. It is not discussed.

Sonars remained charade, but too boring to solve. No natural composure Delon. Feels kind of set up. As if you cheated. Either the actor didn’t play enough, or too overplayed. The role is not prominent, gray. Although the hero Sonants had to shoot it somewhere. But, alas.

Johnson played well at the level of Jane Birkin. Perhaps, everything.

Hero Fiennes the most incredible, the most. For him all the time I want to watch. He radiates charisma and life in everything. One of the best roles of the actor. By temperament he is a little bit similar with Ron Morris, but still more interesting.

To assess the “Big splash” in a positive way is possible because of the excellent camera work with nice views of Italy, perfectly chosen music and acting harmonious Quartet, solo part, which went to Fiennes.

New review: Big splash 22.09.2017

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