New review: Black butterfly 14.06.2017

Lonely writer in search of inspiration, once again applied to the bottle. But Muse is not, as Finance. Financial difficulties are pushing the hero to sell the house. Sovesti useful and pleasant writer goes on a date with your realtor in a local diner. There manages to enter into argument with a truck driver. From imminent defeat he is saved by the guy sitting in the same place. Further acquaintance, and twisted plot.

Viewing “Black butterfly” has left ambiguous impression. On the one hand, “what is it now?” and on the other, “why not?”. According to IMDb, the film has won audience approval, such assessment to put second-rate tapes. In short, when browsing, don’t expect any reaction. Frankly, it was unexpected that the movie hooked from the first second. Hmm, maybe next will be worse? No! And then the movie quite tolerable. Ah, that’s it, that’s why the film was evaluated as bad — stamp on stamp and characters started to do stupid things. Oh, and here is why they behave…

Dear reader! Deciding to watch this movie, bear in mind that this review discusses the entire film except for the last minute. After watching, you’ll understand what I mean. Now, the film is fit for viewing. He even interesting in other aspects. But, it is viewed as a whole. If you go into the details, it is conceived, the characters are not disclosed. Yes, the idea is, the script is not bad, but characters are not modified. They are fresh, although the images of them very attractive. A black butterfly? Why is the movie called that way? This symbol is not in the film, plays no role!

The film belongs to the category of those paintings that you can see on the road. Especially take the time to view it is not worth it, but in the way you can look.

5 out of 10

New review: Black butterfly 14.06.2017

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