New review: Black butterfly 17.06.2017

There is nothing worse when in our comfort zone without asking invade is unknown. We immediately begin to feel a sense of unease, irritation and anger. And worse than that may be only when these uninvited guests stay in our lives, not wanting to get out… On the subject of sudden and rapid invasion of privacy, the man had removed a lot of movies, and until recently it seemed that nothing interesting in a given direction it is impossible to say, I came across a tape with Antonio Banderas “Black butterfly”. The famous Hollywood Spaniard tries not to waste your time on trifles, choosing exceptionally intriguing project, and therefore “Black butterfly” automatically riveted my attention.

Itself plot outline of the film takes us to a remote rural area where drags out your endless days of a once popular writer named Paul in the performance of the Banderas. Being in an inevitable loss of strength after his fame and respect finally slipped from his fingers, Paul could only vainly to sputter in anger unjust world, but in his life there has been a very remarkable incident that came along with a charming stranger, who introduced himself as Jack (Jonathan Rhys-Myers). Supporting the Floor during a totally unnecessary conflict with local, Jack thus has earned the trust of the writer, having received a direct ticket to his house. But the longer the stranger is in the neighborhood, the more issues it causes. With every passing day, Gender is increasingly wonders whether he needs this person, noticing him for something more serious than ordinary oddities…

Despite the fact that the Director of “Black butterfly” is a distinctive experience on a given field, he managed to build a tense affair, which throws it into the fire, in the cold. Sometimes the story looks predictable, but not in a hurry to make a premature dissatisfaction. Periodically, the film presents us with amazing surprises that causes strain the whole body and watch what will happen in the subsequent stage. Brian Goodman skillfully handles the material, making some screenwriting flaws in positive aspects, not afraid to cross boundaries. And it is with such a bold approach born thrillers, which tend to linger long in the memory.

Special mention in the context of “Black butterfly” deserve actors. Aged macho Antonio Banderas admirably with the image of a seedy writer, remaining alone with their problems. Banderas plays deep and believable. To him it is not necessary to slay a smile of women or shooting of guns from two hands, to earn the respect of the public. Still, he’s a big lad and over the years only blooms. At least, as a great dramatic artist.

No less respect than it deserves Banderas Jonathan Rhys-Myers. He had the opportunity to play an ambiguous role, which needed serious work to do. On the one hand, the hero Rhys-Myers, Jack, is sheer positivity of his courage and power, but on the other scary creeps up on the skin! I am sure that you would not want to invite such a person into his house even after he stand up for you in a conflict situation. Rhys-Meyers has created a brilliant negative image, which I personally in his career I do not remember. And if he wants to play so scary man, this is definitely true from a dramatic point of view.

As a result, say that “Black butterfly” was decent. Maybe not the most twisted Thriller, but a tense and dramatically verified. Antonio Banderas and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are in place, drawing all the attention to himself. and the Director, in turn, knew what to emphasize, so that the audience was in constant tension.

8 out of 10

New review: Black butterfly 17.06.2017

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