New review: Black mass 30.07.2016

About such figures as Whitey Bulger, it was possible to remove a strong crime drama. Instead, it’s something fresh. Before you watch the film, had the pleasure to read an interview with the real Kevin Wixom. According to him, from Whitey in the film, just the hair, but from the cinematic prototype of Kevin and not just a name. And the rest of the mistakes and ad-libbing in the movie enough. On the other hand, films based on real events, sin often and that sometimes they do not really suffer. Unfortunately, not in this case.

The first thing that spoils the impression is the image of Bulger. First, we once again convinced in the ability of johnny Depp to transform, and then observe the pathetic, gross, and not very convincing character. Yes, it’s dark, cruel, smart, cool, and really scary looking, but inappropriate pathos successfully covers all of these qualities. Local Whitey can easily push it with big words where this is not required: in a conversation with his son, during a dinner with his company or even in the bar due to the plates with nuts.

Team Jimmy Bulger is also spelled vyalenko: in some scenes they have the characters, but somewhere they are not burdened with intelligence thugs. At some point no longer remember their names, keep track of who did what, because you make other characters and a tangible difference will not notice. Most of them are lost, especially against the background of his boss, who despite all the shortcomings, but at least some memory trace leaves.

Slightly better is the situation with the FBI: they have a clear narrative motivation, is a clear cause for conflict, but then ruins everything John Connolly, who is too obviously “advocatenwet” Bulger, and his colleagues up to a point hard not to notice. Yes, it looks like agent Connolly naively: the investigation says with an almost childish expression. Rather, that role was taken not corny the actor.

The plot, like, moving, but these movements are chronically lacking smoothness. That’s developing chain of events, it seems it has logic, but in the scene it all falls apart because of some boyish pathetic turn. I wanted to show the coolness of the character, and showed his immaturity in writing the script. Here is a couple of good story dialogue, followed by another bombastic monologue on level ground. On the credibility of such moments affect not the best way. Drama about bad guys and the sales agents and tries to turn into a poorly drawn theatre, where the Director himself does not fully understand that he wants to deliver.

In his interview, Kevin wicks said if this movie showed how all was actually, it leaching would be more interesting and tougher. And don’t get why distorted interesting biography and stuffed into the film theatrical conventions, which is very difficult to take it seriously.

6 out of 10

New review: Black mass 30.07.2016

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