New review: Black Swan 31.07.2017

“Black Swan” — an incredibly intense psychological Thriller in its clearest manifestation.

As the majority of the Arthouse film not intended for mass viewing, but boring it certainly will not be called. It suppresses and oppresses some kind of inevitability and hopelessness, enveloping gloom and depressing atmosphere so that the end is not enough air.

Nevertheless, I perceive it as aesthetically and artistically fine-drawn picture, from which it is impossible to look away, enjoy seeing each scene.

The common phrase “Art requires sacrifice” is only stating a fact, hidden from the prying eyes of enthusiastic fans, few know about the true background and Titanic work behind the scenes.

The Director managed to show the wrong side of the mysterious world of the ballet under the magnifying glass — dirty, ugly and even bloody, which hides behind the endless and exhausting rehearsals, the harsh competition on the horizon, the machinations of envious rivals. The film tells about many things: the desire for success able to lead to madness and entailing disastrous, irreversible consequences. About demons lurking in the bruised soul and waiting in the wings to destroy her. About the victims for a moment of glory.

The plot focuses on a young Nina Sayers, which became the main candidate for a leading role in a major theatrical event — the play “Swan lake”.

Nina — elegant, sophisticated, fragile ballerina, doting their craft. Despite the fragile and melancholic nature, she did not take perseverance in achieving goals, she works hard, all devoting his spare time to the ballet, hoping to Shine on stage. But at what cost do it? Life is painted on minutes, no friends, no lover.

Taking the coveted role, she possessed the fear of losing your chance. The girl’s great with the party of naive, innocent, adorable Odette, but when the image is dark incarnation, vile, crafty and cunning seductress, Odile having hiccups. Ranging between two opposites, it has to suppress all light that it has for the perfect embodiment of the Black Swan. And as you know, the farther into the forest, the more wood. Gradually the image starts to prevail over the contractor. The boundaries of good and evil, reality and imagination blurred in her head. As it approaches the play, from childhood prone to deviant behaviour Nina is being tormented by horrible hallucinations, plunging her into the abyss of nightmare. The girl sees how alive the portraits drawn and distorted reflection in the mirror. She feels anger and jealousy towards the imaginary opponent. Creative dedication without a trace and desperate desire to improve, evolve into obsession, manic obsession and fanaticism.

Natalie Portman irresistible. She skillfully made the role his own, putting in execution the diabolical efforts. The actress had to lose weight for the filming, despite the fact that she and nature have always been slim. Honing your dancing skills, she perfectly embodied the suffering and hysterical way. The Academy made the right choice, justly awarding her an honorary award.

Mila kunis has surpassed all my expectations. Her character draws to the screen magnet, decorating tape with his presence. Vulgar, relaxed and confident Lily sharp contrast with the timid, withdrawn and uptight Nina.

Winona Ryder is definitely amazing. Attractive, but somewhat unbalanced former prima ballerina. And honestly, somehow the most frightening for me were the episodes with the participation of the heroine.

Barbara Hershey — the despotic and vain mother who’s obsessed with control, and imparted to his daughter a hell of a work ethic. Her character is a cautionary lesson to all the mothers, trying to sculpt the children in his image and likeness, wanting to realize through them what they themselves once failed.

Also loved Vincent Cassel in the role of a lusty choreographer Tom.

The film has a pretty complex and delicate structure. Because of this, some of it may seem schizophrenic delusions. Aronofsky immerses the viewer into its dual, illusionary, paranoid atmosphere as in a bottomless dark pit that is very difficult to get out. From the passions goosebumps, and feelings literally overrun.

A lot of terrible naturalistic images fragments. Metamorphosis of a physiological nature evoked fear and even disgust: fused toes, broken nails, curved at an unnatural angle legs, ingrown wings, etc.

In addition, some were concerned an excessive immorality. But apparently through the prism of explicit scenes, the Director wanted to convey the depth of the fall of the heroine.

The final dance is a fascinating, frighteningly beautiful, Grand in her performance and entertainment. Literally hear the rustle of Swan wings behind Nina. And the result is natural and symbolic. It is a matter of personal choice. For someone it is better to fly and crash than a lifetime to crawl slowly dying.

It is worth noting the excellent work of the costume designers and make-up artists. As well as the amazing variation of Clint Mansell to the marvelous music of Tchaikovsky.

Aronofsky cut his consummate creation, like a diamond. It turned out unconventional, bold and soulful. As an admirer of unusual thrillers with a touch of drama to send a movie to the favorite box.

10 out of 10

New review: Black Swan 31.07.2017

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