New review: Black Tulip 28.09.2017

Immortal classic of the good old French movie. Here how much years to this film, and he does not age, he is still loved by the audience and forces us to reconsider ourselves. Filmed this motion picture the Grand master of the Christian Jacques, who gave us “Fanfan-Tulip”, “Babette goes to war” and many other masterpieces. Heroes of cloak and sword will never die. At this time, we see the companion of the French revolution, the Black Tulip. Fulfilled his Alain Delon. Even two of Alain Delon. And at the time the picture is simply amazing. But not only the technical side did the trick. Himself Alain Delon portrayed two different ways and really believe that it’s two people. Mature, brutal, ladies man and lover of women Guillaume, and such a tender, impressionable, naive and young Julien. This game is simply impossible not to believe. Guillaume was a hero for his pleasure, for his purposes for the big names. Julien, on the contrary, with all my heart fought for the people and believed in justice. But the film has a paradox, anyway, all the exploits made Guillaume and Julien took over the last. But still, he confidently proclaimed himself the Black Tulip. And according to the canons of the genre, this hero should be a friend. Bright virna Lisi, with whom I had formed an incredible Duo. Her Caroline was spunky, brave, spirited girl, a Tomboy in the shower with the face of a Princess. A worthy friend for vigilante. She deftly wielded the sword and did not respond to women’s weaknesses:

Tears had always been for women great protection.
I prefer the sword is more reliable.

In General, everything in this film is perfect — from the costumes, really luxurious, beautiful, and fitting, not now, to music. Particularly encouraging dialogue, witty, full of real humor. Despite the fact that the film has nothing to do with the Dumas novel, not without interesting references to the great master of the French adventure. When Caro teaches Julien the family’s acceptance with the sword, it says he got the family from his great-grandfather Musketeers Porthos. Here’s an interesting reference. Love to review the film, especially with the “Cartouche”, where the main character played by Belmondo. Never get tired to revise so beautiful, full of charm, fairness, and adventure of French cinema of the mid-twentieth century. It gives faith in the fact that the world still have such fighters for justice. True and noble.

10 out of 10

New review: Black Tulip 28.09.2017

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