New review: blade Runner 04.10.2017

I will assume that at the time of its release the film looked downright revolutionary from a technical point of view, because even today it looks good, but for fiction thirty-five years is a huge period of time. Unfortunately, it so happened that the events of the film take place in Los Angeles 2019-wow, first time I saw him in the fall of 2018-wow… let’s just say, with a picture of the future Ridley Scott miscalculated a little. And that is the saddest thing I miscalculated is not technologically and stylistically, as a result, in contrast to the same “Ghost in the shell”, I fundamentally do not believe what is happening on the screen.

The situation of mistrust to the picture brightens somewhat downright enchanting atmosphere, for which all the same he is worthy of sincere applause. Adult age rating, as always, encouraged, but designed the Replicants: aggressive and excessively strong Leon Kowalski and supposedly sexy Zora — disappointing. First his hopeless stupidity and unchanged expression, and the second that a cheap stripper, and pull, and snake is a genetic mutation has the usual rinse-off makeup. The questioning of Rachel and she looked sexier at the expense of overtones.

The story, however, draws a General impression of the picture for extremely positive. He skillfully reveals several interesting themes: self-determination of the top and the threshold of artificial intelligence, which will make it almost indistinguishable from a human; emotions, including shame, and the dreams and memories that distinguish human from Android; well, and the brevity of life, of course. In this respect, Rachel Pris beats again, but the second is a positive element due to its aggressive sexuality.

Gaff perfectly reveals high artificial intelligence, his dialogue with the Creator — one of the strongest scenes in the film. The way Deckard does can be considered a cult, and I, by the way, I am glad that in the final version of the film error with the number of targets was fixed, because otherwise the image would be too simple, whereas now it retains its duality. Assessment in a greater extent for the plot, but I highly recommend to see the film even to those who first hear about it after the release of the sequel. Still, it’s one of the most iconic samples of science fiction in the cinema of the XX century.

8 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 04.10.2017

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