New review: blade Runner 04.10.2017

Drip, drip. Cold rain taps seconds which have become loathsome life. The legs themselves are the police towards retirement. Together with the splashes of puddles shatters the old meaning and the new to find anywhere. Exhausted eyes struggling to find comfort in a familiar neon sign and the palm is trying to wean itself from the pistol handle. The best in the business Pro — a complete loser in a dispute with the fate of the roulette of happiness. To win he could not — in technocratic obscurantism 2019, by an absurd omission is still called Los Angeles, defective each from orphaned shiny hobos to tycoons. The future is now, losing well-being. Drip, drip. Dull rain washes the sins, of which the main is misleading. Progress has created synthetic humans-Replicants, and simultaneously pushed the creators of back to the orders of the dark middle ages. The lower classes, the upper classes did not want. Duel of the person with Android can not be avoided, and it does not match strong with cunning or of the perpetrator with the right. At stake is a pending death — this spake Zarathustra and it is written in the historical book of cyberpunk.

The enthusiastic reaction of the Philip K. dick on tape by Ridley Scott, still very raw in the production version, was the first sign beaten to it time. Others will follow, there will be many, and among others — is an example of what is possible, and perhaps necessary, given the fierce specificity, to film an eccentric science fiction writer. Dick saw the future only in this: hostile, pessimistic and hopeless. People touching eternity, learning to generate their own kind, and that started a countdown of their own civilization, because it was replaced by artificial. It is not better or worse — just different. Replicants with a lifetime of four years programmed the obedient laborers, powerless slaves, and in fact — think trash, which so abundantly under his feet, and at all angles. Obviously destroyers approach, but humanity throughout its history has not convinced in the ability to hold on to something more humane. If it exists somewhere in the theory, sir Ridley did not fit his film raises wet layers of aggression, exploitative essence of the dominant species that are best accustomed to the unjust struggle.

“Bladerunner” remarkable terrifying rationality by which one can resolve life’s equation. In neowarra the city’s morality cut like a light from under the blinds. The motives of the warring parties is extremely simple: all they want to survive. But in the case of the people itself rises the question: for what? Judging by the worn out Harrison Ford, people like existence ciliates: useful science — well, no — out statistics. Miraculously preserved instincts are awakened from a beautiful stranger, and the COP moves more of a professional interest than personal. Opposite him, the leader of the Replicants in the performance of Rutger Hauer — the variation of the Nietzschean Superman, but also embodied the metaphor of the flare of the fire on damp wood. The confrontation between the two leaders symbolizes the broken era, the end of progress and the triumph of predatory instincts. Passing through the thickness of the film subject’s eyes closed on a perfect machine with a thirst for life. Hauer deceptive emotional in this picture, with the onset of insight about the inevitability of death, his character becomes more serious Christ pay for the sins of others.

The versatility of the genre of the film clashes with ethnic and multicultural hodgepodge of futuristic Los Angeles. Not an example of sprawling chaos Ridley Scott unambiguously called the picture of the sorceress. Ambitious status merged with “Bladerunner” not immediately, but that future is not damaged preparation in the form of escapades with the installation, revisions and additions. Oppressive atmosphere, electrified by the symphonies of Vangelis, exist in splendid isolation from the mundane-a simple plot, twists and turns which are guessed until the final fight. Calm, thoughtful, careful though the narrative has a hundred possible excuses, including the main thing — chess. Rebellious Replicant checkmates host and intercepts his role. The destructiveness of power in the “Bladerunner” manifested better than in the hundreds of different paintings. No control, no power can not be compared with ordinary kindness, caring and generosity. Quality becoming in a dystopian future almost curses, conceptualized an artificial person, and it makes a powerful impression.

Cap, Night cap. cellophane rain securely hides the sunrise. Fitted Scott machinery is not exhausted, but floating on the waves of its own genre “Bladerunner” not as philosophical, to be misunderstood. Breakthrough is the result of the works of specific individuals, chief of which was suffering a family loss. One of the pillars of civilization has always been the transformation of personal problems in public. But only in the case with cyberpunky masterpiece it is appropriate to say: otherwise to be and could not. The film brilliantly characterizes complete rejection of the idea of immortality. Machine-Replicants do not strive to become better people, they want to be the same — and this is the key. In conditions of total lawlessness, chaos and self-destruction there is only one relic — born or synthesized. Life. And wish to extend it — the most accurate answer, as far as real people.

Drip, drip…

New review: blade Runner 04.10.2017

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