New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

Plays Vangelis … … in the pouring rain flying car of the future…a Long and beautiful soundtrack from the movie precedes this review…

Do you remember the feeling when you give up candy, you happily grabbed, and she turns out to be a dummy in a nice wrapper? I experienced the same feeling watching the sequel to “blade Runner…”. Still can not recover from a state of devastation and bewilderment after such promising claims of the creators. No stunning visuals, the incredible beauty of the picture, penetrating to the bone music in the style of Vangelis, credible acting — nothing can overshadow the holes in the script.

Leisurely narrative — very rare in modern movies, which, of course, scared away some viewers of the show and they ran away with the show, what made me very happy — finally the fans of transformers ceased to distract me with conversation in smartphones. And distracted because I could not take in the exciting world of the work: visualization, though mesmerizing, but completely devoid of suspense — much enjoyed cold and unemotional, despite the abundance of melodramatic scenes. Their number, I must say, rolls over, sometimes turning the movie into a dull, soapy mess. In other moments the picture is reminiscent of “the Matrix” its plot moves, and the incredible beauty of the camera work refers to the work of Tarkovsky. True, the Soviet master each frame reflects the Director’s idea, but Denis Villeneuve’s frozen plans live their lives tiring the audience with his long and drawn-out focus.

And most importantly, it is not disclosed to the characters, their history is unclear, illogical their actions. Where did the character of Jared Leto? What is this place where Summer is? Why could not for many years to find the hero Harrison Ford? How to calculate the location of the character of Gosling? Questions to the filmmakers more than the fingers on the body. Why now Replicants indistinguishable from humans in General in any way? And what is the difference between the models, except for General concepts, “those ruled, and these are controlled”? In the TV series “the Wild West” the differences between the models were a hundred times more clearly shown in the minutes of one episode.

As for the Atmosphere? There remained the spirit of the most original paintings? I will answer myself: “Yes, we do. The style, style, color are all reminiscent of the staging of Ridley Scott. But the review”…2049″, in contrast to the film with Rutger Hauer, I’m not going”.

… Plays Vangelis… the Car, as always, flies between lights and skyscrapers… a Long and beautiful soundtrack…

New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

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