New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

Just came from viewing. Impressed and happy that there is such a film. I love cyberpunk and dick and the movie on my hard 9ку. Impressions: slow and brooding atmospheres of movies, like Lovecraft, all in “air…”, but… digital Music and graphics consistent with the genre. The film is fascinating. Not directly, but with no frills, shows what worth a human life, to which we have sunk or what we need to appreciate what you have, what you need to remain people even if you’re a Replicant…

Action little — just a fact. But some moments of the film was like a slap in the face — “Wake up! Don’t sleep!”. To the words I wanted to stand up and punch to the bastards who sat in the phones during the movies and looked at the clock. True fans of the genre should be nothing stiff ass, sleep, hunger and thirst after a hard day. And yet — look at it in 2D. I am tired of this tride dull, little detail, 50% of impressions eats this a cheap ploy to cover up the fact of obsolete equipment “3D format”. Supposedly it should be. I’ll wait in the normal as… well, you know. Thanks for the movie.

9 out of 10

Minus for installation in some important points and playing some of our best actors.

New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

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