New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

Briefly about the new film Villeneuve, who now exactly for me is one of the best Directors and visionaries of our time, it turned out magically, exactly what I was expecting a few, expensive independent movie, fantasy “redlaser”, as they say now.

If the points.

The cinematography is incredible, the atmosphere is grey and dirty, empty city of the future, passed on 10 out of 10. Respect individual designers, costume, outfit of Gosling left a strong desire to buy such a coat for winter in the store.

The script is probably the weakest, if I may say so about this picture, part of the film.

Fairly predictable, with the small, by the standards of Villeneuve (if you remember the Fires and the Enemy) by the effect of “Holy shit, what was that”, or rather the lack of it. Could do steeper, duration 3 hours were allowed, but someone was too lazy. Ridley Scott, who was in the chair producer, had to have its say and to direct at least the ending in the right direction.

Actors: here undoubtedly Shine Ryan Gosling, in his typical line of “look at one spot and chew on a toothpick” and “emotions are for the weak”, although in one episode for a couple of seconds it flashed a little bit of aggression, and it was great, Gosling today for the viewer is a Pandora’s box which is yet to be disclosed, as at the time revealed DiCaprio. Ford was very little, he appeared only in the second hour of the film, and just played a bridging role between the two parts of screening.

To sum up, the blade Runner 2049 will turn out to be surprisingly strong, penetrating and sensitive to sophisticated viewers of the film. Fans of the Transformers and marvel catching in the room will be exactly nothing, except for flying between the chairs of popcorn. Smart fiction, beautiful fiction, which Villeneuve is not the first time gives us to understand that it is time to stop eating shit spewing hordes of cinema and film critics.

9 out of 10

Don’t despair yet.

New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

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