New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

The Ridley Scott original, I think it’s a good film, not a masterpiece, though I admit his cult and significance. Denis Villeneuve also impressed with his “Arrival”, propavshem creeps up. And the list of art Director full of unusual and powerful works. Powerful universe, excellent Director. Everyone was talking about the bomb. And I knew that the film I like, no doubt — will be a masterpiece, it was just huge expectations. And secretly anticipating a slight disappointment that will suffer, because has given the movie is just magical qualities. I revised a huge library of movies, units only have sank into the soul. And even in such conditions…

Summary impressed, “blade Runner” Villeneuve jumped over the bar and laughed at my modest expectations. Gorgeous.

Incredibly beautiful movie, Everest the visual. No kidding. Such beauties the industry has ever seen. And it’s not just the technology. Architecture that delivers an orgasm locations, staging of scenes. Colossus-Polis, immersed in the neon gloom and endless snow, followed by a post-apocalyptic surrealism. Misty slimy wasteland is teeming ant-hill of the lower city, which seized power, poverty and advertising. Futuristic technology Bud from the 80’s, living hologram and flying machines, which were introduced in the twentieth century — the style is just crazy.

About the story. It is not as curly as expected. Can say simple, only with a couple of surprises. Plus there is almost no action, coupled with a three-hour duration. It turns out the boring stuff, right? Hypnotizing from the very beginning the history of current attracts. I admired, felt continually surprise and many more emotions. Mediation scene was immersed in the sticky atmosphere of the gloomy detective. Here is something to ponder, to speculate, great characters evoke interest and empathy. Sound perfectly underlines the situation on the screen.

Of the minuses is not clear in the tracking systems and intelligence, as well as hand-to-hand combat scene, as for me clumsy.

10 out of 10

Going to the movies again, definitely. A day later it out of my head. Shamelessly pushed aside and a small number of contenders for the title of my favorite movie, “Running”, was released on a pedestal. And I don’t know how I’m going now to watch other movies. The opinion came somborne, indisputable. But it’s the best fantasy (maybe not the most intelligent, twisted and philosophical, but…) what I saw. If that should go in this year, so only new “blade hippage”. Villeneuve God, honestly.

New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

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