New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

Undoubtedly a brilliant and serious movie. From the first minute plunge into the atmosphere of cynical and pragmatic order, grey houses and streets, post-apocalyptic wasteland, where the bright colors inherent only holograms. The detail of objects, a little awkward in places, cyber-punk, scenery in the spirit of the Burning man festival, is beyond praise. Perfectly conveys the scale of the action, the sound. But there is a lack of music vangelis’. By the way the music gave me a sense of humanity, because it is art and love distinguishes humans from machines.

Characters are poorly disclosed and their background, motives and aspirations. But interestingly, the head of the Corporation became a cyborg is definitely in order to become beyond man and lead the legions of androids simultaneously displacing the human race, and what are his plans after colonization of all the planets, what’s the point?

The philosophy of the separatists, headed by one-eyed grandma is not disclosed at all, too obvious a Foundation for the continuation of the series.

Special attention deserves the girl is a hologram. She’s the most harmonious, open and sensitive character, tirelessly taking care of the spiritual aspect of the hero.

By almuslimani motto of the sequel “more humane (in replicate) than in man” and the sacrifice of Android, the question arises — how can be born and grow Android in Android of Android, Yes, hypothetically, in terms of science fiction? Love can do anything?

Pompous veiled, the mystery of what is happening and the silence of the characters and their contemplation of the outside world, and allegedly showing the violent inner workings of thoughts and feelings, it leaves a small residue “near the viewer.”

7 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

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