New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

Surprisingly, when I went to view this movie, then why is it thought that Director is Ridley Scott, hmm, I made a miscalculation. But it’s not really changed the outcome of the situation I think because Ridley Scott never I was not surprised by his directing, he’s got everyone’s favorite classic “Gladiator” but the rest… one More thing sequel, it’s its timing in 2 and a half hours, which I also did not realize it would all be okay if it were not so tedious. But then when I realized who was the Director of this picture, everything fell into place. The father of “Captives” and “Arrival”, so to speak, the king of boring, chewing and monotonous presentation Denis Vilnev, it has not changed its traditions, Bravo. However, I will note that in the “Arrival” was something catchy, weird.

And so, for the original part, I’ve never heard actually about the sequel learned exclusively from advertising on TV, not knowing what to expect from the picture, I found a promotional video is quite intriguing and decided to go on watching with the thought: “my male intuition tells me that the film may be standing”. Literally from the first minute I appreciated the pros of the work: it is certainly good sets, costumes, make-up and not the sound, its installation, its presence, particularly in the first fight. All of this — the strong point of the film, in its entirety, otherwise, I was not disappointed, I will not say such big words, but I was pretty tired. At first almost the whole movie I was trying to understand what was happening on the screen who is who, why so, how did he know that we have to go there, why and what… in other words: what? where? when? And in the end I did not see the light and the light dawned. Secondly, all this detective in length an eternity was really tightened, moreover, I did not feel the intrigue, because you don’t quite understand what it was about, nor was the voltage, which should result in some awareness with the showdown in the final. The picture “blade Runner 2049” turned out to be so long just because of the fact that her characters are at a few minutes of screen time to look into the distance to go from the kitchen to the bedroom, lighting up a cigarette, scratching the forehead — of course I fantasize, but you get the idea.

When the preview was over, I gasped, said something like “well, boring stuff” and discarding all the bad thoughts left the room. All point.

New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

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