New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

In General you can say a lot about the film, but you briefly, do not judge strictly since the first review.

Directorial work.

Denis Villeneuve is already quite a long time, takes pictures, “Killer”, “Arrival”,”Captive” and now the continuation of the hit “blade Runner, 2049”. Yes, when watching you can feel the style Danny, but he is so cool, rightfully, one of the best Directors of our time, I believe, the first to give a big bait in the form of ideas and meaning of the film, and in the end to expand it the other way, the talent is otherwise not as!

The camera work is beyond praise, the visual component is just gorgeous, bright, colorful, futuristic, Noire!

The writers In the best traditions and ideas from the novel by Philip K. dick! How else can it would be more logical and dramatic to continue?

Acting work

Individual case, especially for Batista, glasses, grey hair, small episode, but still not a blank shot.

Gosling, calm, quiet, lost, with other people’s memories Replicant confirming the motto of the Tyrell Corporation was “More human than human”. Especially the scene when he found out that he’s not what he believed…

Ford, thanks for the dialogue with Gosling at the meeting, very clearly and without the Hollywood of Paphos and similar nonsense, clearly, exactly, emotionally, without him would not would make a solid story and a very solid sequel.

Composing work

In different sources, wrote that Johan Johannsson (who repeatedly collaborated with Denis) write the music for this film, but on stage postprodakshn, called Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfish, which helped him to finish the soundtrack, because it was necessary to come out not worse, Vangelis, who composed the soundtrack to the original film. Honestly, it happened so that you look and the futuristic Noir film, dark and grey tones of the already difficult to understand most of the audience, the music for the film, his weight many times and gives more atmosphere. Its job brilliantly, but I still prefer the soundtrack from the original movie!

As Rick Deckard, chose to be alone and believes that Love is also means to let go…

Watch is anyone looking for humanity in the machines, humanity in modern people and who are interested in bleak future for Villeneuve!

8 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

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