New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

Amazingly entertaining, well-shot film, captivating from the first frame to its incredible reality! Not being a lover of sci-Fi films, I could not take my eyes away from the colorful world that managed to create a crew. Although the device of this peace in many respects you may disagree, it draws the viewer into itself, Shrouding a unique atmosphere unpleasant future.

Gripping story gives no chance to remain indifferent. Sometimes it is predictable, sometimes not, and this is his unpredictability. Whatever the situation investigation and moral choices that do not seem complicated for the characters, make some intrigue in the plot.

This has a very peculiar rhythm and tempo of the narrative: it is not a dynamic, on the contrary, he allows events to stretch, but it still keeps the viewer in suspense (largely due to the music).

The film is full of vivid characters, causing a powerful audience experiences, which, of course, is a credit to the actors: Ryan Gosling is able to create its appealing image, without resorting to over-the-top emotion; did not expect that Dave Batista could be so psychologically thin to play (this is especially clearly noticeable, if you watch the short film “Nowhere to run”), Robin Wright brilliantly embodied the image of the commander of the main character, the Lieutenant, and Ana de Armas is just charming in the role of joy. Jared Leto and especially Sylvia hooks have created a truly frightening characters, capable of unpredictable actions.

In short, this is a very colorful film with its own special, unique, attractive atmosphere, casually putting serious questions about the fate of mankind and man in front of his audience.

New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

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