New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

When it comes to a futuristic future, humanity is often endangered — whether because of an impending Apocalypse, whether because of the Replicants — the perfect substitutes of the people. For Denis Villeneuve successfully had distinguished themselves in the field of intelligent science fiction, was a challenge to put an interesting sequel, although at the same time missing the source of the sequel gave vent to imagination. It’s in neon 80s, Mr. Scott has set a new tone for science fiction, having created the cult classic movie of the confrontation between man and Android, casual embodies the idea of the Nietzschean Superman. But the sophisticated modernity needed something more global and non-trivial, so Villeneuve had to look for something between mainstream and Arthouse — to the eternal question about the reality and significance of human, and Replicant in the world.

Thirty years later people have not learned to retain complete control over the androids, while those by their Creator Yanderu Wallace multiplied to the point that can replace humanity, which is so close to the beginning of his end. While Rick Deckard is in the dark, no less dexterous bladrunner named Kay tries to keep the Replicants under control. However, this time the action is not so straightforward, and the plot is based much more ornate. In 2049-m almost obliterated the distinction between human and Android, and the latter, being free, dream about more than electroauto. The land becomes barren and sterile, urban skyscrapers one wasteland and dust, and fly electrically insects, as described by dick. Tsilas to the work of writer, Director while expanding his universe, portraying the new paradoxes of the future, which is rapidly transformed — and who knows what the world would be through the following thirty years.

Long Dikensa and delivery timurovskie chords — Villeneuve slowly and with his usual restraint builds events that are emotionally shocking his characters. Kay, like Rick, is doomed to go down the same path. Touched by Scott the theme of self-sacrifice — that sooner or later you have to go against his nature rises again. But the Director is in no hurry to put any point, he focused on various details, the implanted memories and sensations, giving them improved to experience a world where Replicants, who know nothing about life, I’m afraid to lose her, as well as not knowing about the soul, I wish to acquire it. They transform into people, then as humanity, find themselves in a world of simulacra, close to global war for the right to be the dominant life form. Giving plot twists — one other interesting — Villeneuve, like Scott, don’t give clear answers about the motivations and actions of the characters. But in the cold world of the future, he still leaves room for feelings, and no matter who exhibits them — man or Android.

New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

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