New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

Want to know how you like the new “blade Runner”? You should just understand one thing — it’s not just a continuation of the film 1982. First of all it is a beautiful film, but a very original Director Denis Villeneuve. You’ve seen “the Arrival”? For a number of reasons, this charming science fiction, which received this year’s mountain of Oscar nominations not everyone liked due to the slow pace of a bad game and not the standard plot twists. So: “blade Runner 2049” brighter, dynamic and twisted film. But not by much! Just enough to be able to continue the original story, it does not dwell on it. “Blade runner 2049” this is the author’s presentation of Denis Villeneuve in scale, expensive blockbuster with an R rating, which the authors have made apparently of the same good intentions, which at the time was driven by Robert Altman rentals “Gosford Park,” embedded a few minor expletives in the movie, so the kids didn’t go because they will be bored. Of course, for a movie the scale of “blade Runner” it’s a big risk for part of training camp, but the kids really are unlikely to hatch the Villeneuve film, regardless of its nudity and violence, not to mention a three-hour leisurely visual kaleidoscope about the man and his legacy.

The main character is one of the top Key in by Ryan Gosling does the same thing, and Rick Deckard in the original film — the elimination of runaway Replicants. Until he finds under the tree at the house of one of them buried a box of bones female Replicant, who died about thirty years ago from complications in childbirth. Yeah, who would have thought that while in the original film, the hero learned that soulless machine of feelings identical to a human Corporation “Tyrell” are already experimenting with the reproductive function of these machines. Fortunately, then came the world circuit (the Blackout), remove all the data, the Corporation went bankrupt, all androids lost, so after thirty years suddenly surfaced information about the possible successful “robotology” can change the world. Of course, it may seem that the Blackout is just a lazy move of the writer, however, that, at the same time, and one of the most correct decisions, given the thirty-year difference between the release of the movie, allowing you to focus on the new world, its problems and fears.

But as mentioned earlier, the main difference from the original is the first film by Denis Villeneuve, who, despite growing budgets can focus on the issues and keep one author’s spirit. For example, the main characters in the films of Villeneuve always lose their individual salience in the face of events that commercial American cinema is savagery. But Villeneuve is not a pessimist and loss of awareness of their own “chosenness” is part of the identity of the character is in any case not a defeat, only the sudden realization that the hero is not the navel of the universe, which is completely normal in life, but too unusual to work for many millions of dollars, where a simple Android Key easy in 2049, the year is roads, police, detectives, murderers and fugitives, to reveal himself as a person in the background of important changes in the pre-apocalyptic world.

This does not mean that the film is boring. There are chases, fights, sometimes something explodes, someone is constantly killed, but Villeneuve doesn’t make this show. It shows the contemplation of the world, the incredible landscapes of a crumbling civilization, which would be very helpful to find hope, and preferably not in the face Nandera Wallace, who is either a businessman, or a genius, but definitely mad prophet with vast resources. Jared Leto here is part of the show — only demonstration of how this world can crack at any moment, trusting the man with the rhetoric and ambitions of the demiurge. The rest of the world pretty consistently shows public fears, evolved from the fiction of the ‘ 80s. Now the ground is littered with solar panels among the endless fog, smog, rain and sand storms. Giant statues in the abandoned cities with gambling establishments — the last demonstration of human greatness, on a par with holographic search-strippers advertising in cities-warrens of all sorts of vulgarity. And another part of the show Villeneuve is music. Well, as electronic music… raves, perekrikivayutsya the wind, the roar of the engines and søren almost harmonious part of the world.

“Can a machine be like a man?” the question held a red line through the whole movie by Ridley Scott was simply erased in the film by Denis Villeneuve, where there is no confidence in the test Voight-Kampf, where a normal Replicant can realize their place and role in the world, and invincible universal soldier — choke. Here already in order to portray the tender relationship between a Replicant-the police and the housing serial hologram without even a physical shell already has its own feelings, having barely a handful of personal data — it is the person and this must be considered. “The dog is real?”, — ask Kay with his new friend, nodding at the dirty dog at the table. “And you have to ask her yourself!” — answer Deckard, although a similar question was raised by viewers of “blade Runner” for decades. And still care about Ridley Scott. But not the Director of this film, because Denis Villeneuve does not believe in the war on the people with androids. He’s an optimist. He believes they will come up with something more interesting.

New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

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