New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

The film blade Runner 2049

Events unfold after 30 years. The rest of the company, purchased certain people which started to produce its Replicants, more obedient and loyal. Even after such a huge amount of time old Replicants which were produced in the world shutdown (2019) remained live, and fighting for its existence. The main character, in by Ryan Gosling, works for the police and catches the remaining Replicants old. As the investigation becomes known some information that could jeopardize the whole existence of mankind. It turns out that these cases all involved Deckard, a former blade runner. Where will the actions of a young blade runner?The answer is only in the film.

Director Denis Villeneuve is known for its extraordinary, unusual narrative plot, which is intriguing and makes to be pressed down in a chair and watch. He is known for his work as “Fire”, Captive”, “Enemy”,”Murderers”, in the end, one of the best films of last year, “the Arrival”. His filmography is already a benchmark of quality. It was referred to as a second Nolan, in my opinion this is unnecessary, no need to compare them, each of them good in their own way. Coped with the work of Denis Villeneuve ? My answer is Yes. I believe in him, and he’s one of my favorite films.

If the picture is inferior to the first part? In my opinion a bit. There is so much mystery that I want to think and reason, what it was. Definitely need to watch again to understand it deeply. Some complain that Gosling played bad, I think he played well, don’t want to say who he plays, because it will be a spoiler. He has done his job. The rest of the actors played convincing that even the old Ford here, as a balm for the soul. The film needs to be experienced to the audience asks a lot of questions. I want to say thank you for not shot it Ridley Scott, the trust was exhausted. I advise you to go and see this film, to call it a masterpiece? Don’t know not enough time has passed, but still think so, the film will be included in the collection and will remain there. Thank you.

9 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

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