New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

A strange thing is happening with me this year. Three fresh viewed the film, it’s Wonder woman, Spiderman and the actual blade just struck me, struck by the fact that I completely ceased to understand the critics, the film has a 90% rating, which is almost a masterpiece should be, and you watch it and realize that watching the pacifier. And very similar problem with all three. No story, no characters, characters that would cling and were forced to empathize, only a picture that more or less looks. But if the first two, I even with such criticism, nothing special expected here for blade Runner it’s a shame.

It’s a shame maybe not so much for what two and a half hours of emptiness made based on a great movie, but for the fact that critical acclaim now have the films here are boring, and it can give the green light to production and beyond. And I’d rather not.

All that is good in this movie is exactly one good and interesting character, but he appears for a few moments and the film certainly can not save (the girl with the memory maker).

Should probably clarify that this is one of the few films in the first half a few times which I frankly wanted to go out and see him maybe another time. So sorry that I flooded it in the cinema and not looked at home.

Yes, in the second half of the movie starts flashing atmosphere that some places even begins to catch, and maybe if they shortened the first half ten times, the film could be called good (well, compared to the first blade, he couldn’t afford in any case), but not in its current form.

And of course text. Text unforgivable scarce and nondescript.

New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

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