New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

Today in the Russian hire has started the film “blade Runner 2049”. Tape is a continuation of the cult of the work of Ridley Scott, which was released in 1982. Made by Denis Villeneuve, one of the most talented Directors of our time, to shoot a great movie and not to lose face in front of the original?

I will try to be as brief as possible, because from my point of view, this film doesn’t need any reviews. Looking at this picture, I kind of looked at Leviathan, mighty, dark and cold. A true monolith. The plot of “Running” is rich in detail, the writers have done a great job and build everything so that the tape does not try to parasitize on the cult of the first film, but is an independent work with their ideas, but at the same time and keeps everything that was inherent in the original picture. It often happens that a good story ruin inept presentation. But Villeneuve once again made a miracle, having done an incredible job of polishing each face. Don’t want to reveal any details of the plot, just recommend to monitor closely the actions of the characters and listen to every word.

The cast proved beyond praise. Villeneuve has long been proved that great actors, he makes to give our 120%, but less experienced and talented pull to a new level for them. So this time we got a brilliant game from the performers as the leading roles and secondary characters. Gosling, hooks, de Armas, Wright, Ford, Summer, Batista… they All looked alive and organically looked in their roles. Very sorry that some of the characters gave a bitch of a time even with a sufficiently large duration.

One of the parts to which it is simply impossible to find fault, it’s the visuals of the new “blade Runner”. The camera work, colours and landscapes — all this was carried on five with two advantages. No, I’m not an expert, but as a viewer, I was pleased to see the picture of the film. Maybe this time Roger Dikins will be able to interrupt his streak of nominations on the award “Oscar” and still get the coveted statuette? Also, of course, I want to mention composers tape. Benjamin Wallfish and Hans Zimmer did an amazing job. Initially I was a little worried when Johan Johannsson has been replaced, but all fears were dispelled by themselves. The final scene was just the same the highest point of enjoyment just for the decision, which was adopted by composers.


– The cast of the film and their work

– Visual part of the movie

The perfect sequel, which develops the ideas of the original, brings something unique and not a parasite on the past

– Quality soundtrack


– Many viewers may be put off by the timing

Dark, cold, and power. That’s the way I see “blade Runner 2049”. A beautiful picture that you will want to watch again many times and which was able to give a worthy sequel to the cult tape by Ridley Scott. Me with Danny Vilniem parts 24, 1 day and 1 genius. I am very glad that we live in a time when the wizard shoots his films. I don’t consider this the best film in the history of cinema, but speaking subjectively, it made me love myself and make it to the list of those few that I have no particular problem can be called “almost ideal”.

9.5 / 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

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