New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

In 1982 on the screens out the sci-Fi Thriller “blade Runner”, which is not immediately found fame and recognition. Oppressive atmosphere of futurism, the endless darkness, faintly exciting plot, slow narration and original Director Ridley Scott did not allow the painting to pay off at the box office. Partial compensation were two nominations for “Oscar” and fans of this cinematic style.

However, we can safely say that the picture has stood the test of time and now the film is about “sending down” Replicants the police officer is a benchmark for the genre of cyberpunk.

After 35 years, the picture has got a direct sequel. Creator of the original film Ridley Scott ceded the Director’s chair more young, Denis Villeneuve, and he took the production of the tape.

The events of “blade Runner 2049” takes place in Los Angeles 30 years after the events of the original painting. The world is inhabited by Replicants — artificial people who perform the hardest work and are at the service of humanity. Keeps Replicants under the control of special law enforcement authority employees known as “blade runner”. If the Replicant escapes, kills a man, or he will expire on the “expiration date”, the service undertakes to eliminate the guilty — “the resignation”. The protagonist is an officer of this service on behalf of the K (Ryan Gosling). Once the officer becomes the owner of top secret information, the disclosure of which could blur the line between Replicants and humans, thus the world can change beyond recognition once and for all.

It is very difficult to talk about this film, laying it down, as it was very pleasant. Seriously, this picture has all chances to make history and become the new model for kinofantastiki.

Despite the lengthy episodes (which took place in the first picture), the film looks very dynamic, the plot is intriguing from the first dialogue. Some great plot twists forced to wonder, to admire, to experience a whole range of feelings, thus bringing the film to the status of masterpiece.

The picture is just incredible! In principle, this film can safely watch it without sound, its visual part brings great aesthetic pleasure. Off-white tone changes blue, then comes turn black, then blue, rich orange… Every colour fits the scene, mood and drama.

Perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the future in which humanity is waiting for darkness and the fumes of pollution of the environment. If you dislike the movie in 1982 because of too Noir pictures — feel free to take a ticket for the sequel, it is at times contrasting, while not losing the atmosphere of the universe franchise.

Music can not boast of originality and novelty, but all the space and futuristic sounds in the theme! To shivers and shiver inside.

Acting is expected at a high level. Ryan Gosling crept into the way tormented by the questions and contradictions of police K. Incredibly pleased with old man Harrison Ford, whose appearance in the frame turned bright performance, he even took on a comedic role for a couple of minutes and diluted dark for pictures. Honored marvel universe Drax Dave Batista has received very little screen time, but what were these few moments, you just have to see! Jared Leto made up for the unsuccessful role of the Joker in “suicide Squad”, playing essentially the same Joker, only with an established idea of chaos and order, normal remarks without nuclear makeup.

Particularly noteworthy is the work of Director Denis Villeneuve, who did everything for the success of the picture.

“Blade runner 2049” is not just a cool movie with a great idea, a gorgeous setting and a quality game, it’s an incredible journey into the dark, dangerous, depressing, but an interesting future that is able to capture you from the first minute and not let go until the final credits.

10 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 06.10.2017

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