New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

In my childhood I read “3000 leagues under the sea” and was very surprised stretched for nearly two-page proposal with description of all kinds of fish, which sees the main character through the window of Nautilus. I missed this part of the book much thought, what’s with all these fish.

Later, I realized that these fish were not for me, they were for people who read the book a hundred a century earlier. I lived in a world where endless variety of nature has become commonplace. For the reader the end of the 19th century it was a magnificent, powerful breakthrough in awareness of the world of books and, simultaneously, a world in which the reader lives.

In “blade Runner 2049” throughout the film we are shown a fish. Beautiful landscapes, scenery, cities, deserts. And I don’t know what this is for? I’ve seen it all.

The first part when she came out, many criticized for weak plot and lengthy scenes. But damn, there was something to see. I was immersed in a new and strange world of neon, polyethylene, bas-reliefs, pot-bellied columns, real and not people. And this is how the same “Odyssey 2001”was a breakthrough, largely defining the genre for years to come.

Of course, no one obliged the makers to make the same breakthrough. But the attempt to follow the “Canon” of the first part, while not giving the same, was a failure. About the same feeling I had after the absolutely disastrous series of the second part of”true detective” is a cargo cult of Sapienza, long exposures and slow development of the plot. And God, when Jared Leto once again started to do a five-second pause between words, I had the feeling that he simply mocks me.

I’ll avoid the cliches, horse racing and flaws in the script, they are, but they can still be forgiven, almost all of them cater to the turns and movement of the plot. And disadvantages are more important:

Ryan Gosling with two facial expressions: regular Ryan Gosling and busy Ryan Gosling. Thank you, I watched “Drive”, why am I watching “Drive”, but in the future? Here though he is talking more.

– Absolutely weak Deckard performed by Harrison Ford. If the first part of his weakness was a part of the picture, clearly showing that he, in comparison with the Replicants, only human. And what is this supposed to work in this film? A feeling that only that I felt sorry for him.

Jared Leto, stoned and cardboard “villain”. His biblical motifs and quotations look empty, I couldn’t see anything except the template of biblical motifs and quotations. I don’t feel that he himself believes in what he’s doing, for it is like a mask, ritual. That is why Neander Wallace is boring and soulless, and the priest from “johnny Mnemonic”is a vivid and memorable character.

Unrestrained violence and exploitation of the plot of the first part.

– Please, you don’t need to bring in the androids/Replicants with the habits of robot is Bender? “World Wild West” is very well showed that it is possible to make the viewer believe that they are inhuman without it. The abundance of anatomical scenes, infrastructure and staff, even their own beliefs of the robots, a lot of little things — it all works fine. And most importantly, different.

Very beautiful scenery and locations. Fog, waves reflected on the walls of the room. Nice, but nothing, almost nothing new I have not seen (relative timing).

– Yes, the music in the style of the first part. Thanks again, I know those dear to one’s heart synth riffs. Why are you so exploit? Had a few great songs, sounding in the film, fresh and powerful, and, importantly, they were developing, they had the right soundtrack. And then again, these same reefs with organoborane sounds. Creators, you are so afraid that I do not believe that watching “blade Runner”?

All this has caused boredom. I wasn’t even disappointed, although I was afraid of it. I was bored, I looked and don’t understand why I still see it. Long plans, beautiful visual pictures and conversations simply empty. You can safely cut an hour of screen time, the film would benefit.

And now for the good:

– A beautiful, powerful story of the protagonist.

– The last half hour! Yes, the ending is as strong and devastating as the first part. And Yes, there is finally the environment, visual component, sound, tempo — it all works as it should work. The feeling throughout the film it was set up as a radio and finally caught the wave.

– The characters are not stupid. Each of them thinks and analyzes the events behind the scenes, understand what is happening and even begins to often act before it understands the audience. I really liked it. It doesn’t look like: “uh, and how he understood that… “; in my head every time was “So, why did he come to such conclusions? Oh, right, that’s logical, Yes! Hell, this guy is no fool!”

Strange, at the same time unpleasant, beautiful and sensual love scene. It is associated with other movies, but only Association. It was good.

I don’t know, it’s not failure and not success. It’s just a movie. And to illustrate why this is bad, I will quote the Strugatsky:

“You, as you would expect, quite correctly guessed that my car does not define the absolute artistic value of the work, but only the fate of his in the historically foreseeable time… Guessing you faced the question: whether to take a chance and give me your analysis on the Blue Folder”. Yes, nods to Sorokin. He is afraid that the car will give him “a pathetic figure, as if the work of his life you gave her, and some junk review, wrote with disgust..” He hopes that “will reward you with my car six figures and even seven figures,” and the masterpiece itself is a wonderful ways to make their way to the reader. And there is one option, humiliating, shameful: “… how could I imagine that damn car in Bath can throw on your screens are not seven-digit recognition of my teaching, the merits of world culture and are not proud lone C grade, showing that the world culture is not yet ripe to accept into its fold the contents of the Blue Folder”, and it can be 90 thousand copies, as for all other recycled trash.”

For me it is, unfortunately, a third option.

5 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

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