New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

Until recently, I never had any desire to apply to “blade Runner” and try to understand what it styled “cult” film of its time. But intrigue, Yes that a sin to conceal, promotional trailers continue forced to think, really, it’s as good as they say?! And seeing the original movie in 1982 left a very contradictory emotions, but the message of the film was clear and at that time it sounded almost prophetic. But now, on this topic expressed by many in the industry, something to surprise the Ridley Scott couldn’t.

There were hopes for a major Hollywood Denis Villeneuve. However, his previous work “the Arrival”, lauded by many critics and audiences were, in my opinion, dull and overrated film that quickly evaporates from memory.

This time with the “Running 2049” was even worse. Well, sorry, friends, but I really difficult to see in the creation of anything resembling sense. Absolutely unreasonable duration. Why was it necessary to pretend to be Tarkovsky?! If Andrew arsenevicha was obvious existential anguish, and to suspect the character of Ford in the 1982 film, there is generally a Replicant, without a soul, the work of human hands, what sort of experience the character of Gosling?!

Why all these long scenes, meditative and just confusion? And the scene with the destroyed giant statues and colored haze reminded of Herman Jr. with his “Under electric clouds”, which acting each at a very high level. Here, the only one who thought “alive” was Sylvia hooks, the glance which penetrated to the depths of the soul. She felt the qualitative difference in acting skills, perhaps, thanks to the European school, in particular Jos Stelling, whose films she starred.

The motivation of some characters “Running 2049” is obscure. And the ending is actually shocking in its senselessness. Questions and misunderstandings were numerous… But the most important thing that remains after watching the film — Void. And terrible bitterness for the wasted time.

2 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

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