New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

I’m not the biggest fan of the original “blade Runner”, however, the tape Ridley Scott definitely did not leave me indifferent. I did not close the reveal in the film, the idea of humanity of the Replicants and, in particular, of the character Rutger Hauer, however, I was left in awe of the impeccable atmosphere of cyberpunk, music, and a breakthrough for those years of pictures. And now the flywheel and got remakes of this cult classic.

I am sure many critics will criticize this film for incomparably weaker than in the original disclosure of the idea, but I am convinced of the opposite. Don’t want to go into plot details, but, in my opinion, Denis Villeneuve has managed where better to show the humanity of Replicants in purposeful self-sacrifice of the hero, and not a spontaneous compassion for pretentious dialogue.

Pleased with a great cast. Largely the actors played their usual characters, which, however, did not affect the perception of the film. Ryan Gosling perfectly conveyed the experience of playing prakticheskij emotionless character. Jared Leto organically looked in his usual extravagant manner sort of sociopath. It is a pity that his character have so little scenes. Do not know good or bad, but Harrison Ford, judging by past roles, doesn’t play at all and just goes on stage and pulls out a role of his charisma. In addition, remember top aide Wallace Love with her ruthless icy eyes performed by Sylvia hooks, as well as a charming doctor Stellayn (Carla Juri), which appears only in a few scenes, but attracts attention with its expression.

In addition to a good story and great game actors in the movie perfectly illustrates the world of cyberpunk. Using computer graphics, and great camera work, Denis Villeneuve has managed in each scene to show the ancestral cyberpunk style with his “High tech low life”. In addition to the main idol-cyberpunk — neon consistently and lovingly reproduced from the original Los Angeles with its constant night and rainy weather, exhibits, and other locations that are like different planets from Star wars, though radically different in design, but are part of one world and open it from different sides. Farm in the misty wilderness, a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas, with its yellow color scheme, musoropererabotka station — not only that, all the locations look lush and stylish, so the Director thanks to the leisurely style of narration allows us to consider all this beauty from all angles, for that special respect.

Overall, the picture was more wide and comprehensive than the original film. The world of blade runner was discovered more cyberpunk shows the bright contrast of high technology and poverty. And most of all I liked the fact that the author leaves some ambiguity and open endings (at least that is what I loved Ridley Scott) and meets the end of the movie to all the questions.

10 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

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