New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

Sure, this film is not for the people. Perhaps the robots have become so intelligent that he learned to make movies for their own kind. Geometrically precise, mathematically accurate, beautifully packaged, but devoid of human emotion.

In the distant and dystopian future (which, by the way, should happen in two years) people for the roughing work, for some reason intelligent robots. And not just intelligent, but has a personality: listening to jazz, reading books, able to appreciate the beauty of architecture and the plastic mess prefer a steak with fries. People first create them and turn into their slaves, and then, counting the soulless machines, eliminate.

Danny Villeneuve and Michael green don’t live in the dark kiberpank the future, and in our boring reality, where it is still flourishing humanism, and valued morality. The logic of people from the universe of “blade Runner” to them, too incomprehensible, and oppressed robots’m sorry, so filmed a movie was more an ode to artificial intelligence than anything else. The creators persistently trying to say: “the robot may be more human than human.” Good idea, except that it is fully opened thirty-five years ago. And besides it there is nothing interesting in the picture.

Boredom overtakes the viewer too quickly: no time to show the film, and one tenth part. For an interesting complication should be boring and monotonous story, full of unnecessary scenes, characters and storylines. Hour duration you can safely cut, and the picture would not have lost. Some scenes did not move the plot and develop characters, others are simply deadly tightened due to unnecessary detail. If they are put under the knife, will be better.

Boring but the film does not so much slowness, as the lack of an interesting Central conflict. The main character (of course, a Replicant) two hours of screen time trying to figure out who he is. But by understanding yourself, but just unearthing the past. As a result of his internal conflict has to be very primitive, not involving development, and it serves as the primary. Same with the conflict between people and robots: it’s very primitive because the writers straight text tell us who is right.

All the other themes and motifs of the painting from the viewer distant. Or someone seriously concerned about the difficulties of the Replicants have sex with holograms? Or the problem of the inability of robots to reproduce, around which is built the whole movie?

The problem is not people who need to comprehend people. This is the problem of robots from the fictional world. And the lively interest they can cause except that the robots, which seems to film and filmed.

However, the film-makers are so fond of depicting problems Replicants, Replicants themselves to uncover forgotten. The main character claims not: his character spelled out in detail, though not developed in the narrative. On each of the other robots, we can only say that they feel alive and are not happy with the social role assigned to them by the people.

The latter film, not counting extras, exactly three of them are interesting to watch just for Rick Deckard: it is a story that touches. Played by Jared Leto, the Creator of the Replicants Mr. Wallace would have been interesting if his actions did not contradict him, but the motivation would be somehow explained. The chief of police… it is more an appendage of the main character than a full character. The creators decided that the timing is better to spend a long demonstration of a holographic female breast than to the disclosure of the characters.

In the film, just there is nothing for which it would like to see. No exciting story, no worthy compassion of the main character, no interesting subtext. There’s only a beautiful picture, cleverly built plans. But praise for the visual part of the film with a budget of 186 million dollars is like praising bees for pollination.

“Blade runner 2049” is not just a boring and empty movie, the movie indicator. If someday this world will be division of blade runner, the first thing they should do is to go to the page and study the reviews, and then come back to all of you who came from the picture in delight. Among dozens of snobs and conformists one will be work for sure.

New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

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