New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

It was worth to call it a movie. Running in a vacuum, but rather floating on it.

Despite the almost 3-hour story, while watching becomes boring or sad, more than enjoy the superb camera work and a nice picture of stylish and colorful large-scale landscapes, though they rarely make us happy. The film is dark like the 1st part, but in this urban landscape looks unnatural, artificial, the impression that this saved. To the great joy, the rest of the scenery and buildings look very original and authentic.

It’s a very atmospheric film. VERY. The atmosphere so much that after the 1st hour there is a feeling that it was clever. The action in the film flows very steadily, stately, but is absorbed all in one breath, leave the room or to rewind the tape not want.

What else is in the film? Nothing, absolute emptiness, prostration. The characters? Who are they? Why? Why? How? Where? These questions arise in almost all heroes. The tree man from Guardians of the Galaxy appears in the movie for a few minutes and his character put on the posters. Where did the hero of Summer, who he is, how I got to this life — it is not clear absolutely. He’s a villain. He is the villain? It is NOT CLEAR, slurred his introduction into the story, very little show and tell about his character. The confrontation between the hero Summer hero Gosling’s as it is, but as not. Everything is so vague, slow, and soap.

This movie sadly, so is the dialogue. All, without exception. As they filed out of the scene conversations. They are so uninteresting that they could not insert in principle, and put the film with only the musical accompaniment, we would have seen a video clip of length is almost 3 hours, and we certainly liked it.

In the end, the only Association that arises after watching this movie, the word “void”. Naked dialogues and characters, repetitive plots and a sleepy narration of the story, the film floats from beginning to end. And he swims to the fact that there will be more continuation of the story. This, in fact, everything. The atmosphere enjoyed in excess, in other respects, fell far from the first part, to review which I will again and again, in contrast to the works of the great and promising filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, who no doubt will show and manifest itself in all its glory.

7-7,5 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

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