New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

“Blade runner 2049” (Director Denis Villeneuve) is a film sequel to the cult 1982 Ridley Scott’s “blade Runner”. The action of the film takes place 30 years after the events of the first part and is devoted to one of the hunters of Replicants.

One of the main merits of both films is unmatched and the atmosphere of oppressive hopelessness and bleakness. No, this is not the sunset of mankind, but only the consequences of the vast expansion of other worlds when Earth turned into a kind of ghetto and the people, when possible, try to leave it in search of a better life in the colonies. Neither natural nor human resources. To overcome these problems were created Replicants — artificially created genetically modified “people”, which can be used where ordinary people can’t or don’t want to work. Sometimes, the Replicants are out of control, run away, commit crimes, just for catching such representatives and created “blade Runner”.

If Ridley Scott for creating the visual component of the film was limited for technical means, but it is worth noting coped admirably, Denis Villeneuve, thanks to modern technology, virtually no restrictions. And without exaggeration I will say that Villeneuve has created a masterpiece. Virtually every scene catches the eye and makes breathless: camera angles, lighting, sound — all fitted in just perfect. This world has been soaked with cold, emptiness and loneliness, and only for escaping from colonies Replicants he is a small hope for at least a little to feel free.

But back to the story. As already mentioned, between the events of the film 30 years later, and not to overload his film with unnecessary flashback Denis Villeneuve asked the two Directors, Sinitiro Watanabe (the Creator of the anime “the Animatrix,” “Cowboy Bebop”, etc.) and Luke Scott (son of Ridley Scott) to shoot short films on key events over the past 30 years. Sinitiro Watanabe shot anime “blade Runner: Blackout 2022”, dedicated to the actually war between Replicants and humans, which culminated in the so-called “event blackout” that destroyed all electronic media. Luke Scott took two short films: “blade Runner 2049 — “2036: Rebirth Nexus” and “blade Runner 2049 — “2048: Nowhere to run” featuring, respectively, the decision to resume production of Replicants and fragments of the life of one of the Replicants old model. The short film perfectly filmed, and perfectly complement the film, so I recommend to watch them before watching the movie. I think the decision on the issue of shorts was right as it made it possible to make a film with more linear and smooth narrative, as well as to pay more attention to the elaboration of the scenes, dialogue and characters.

The result is a superior sequel that has preserved the atmosphere of the first part and further plunges us into questions of morality, value of life, sacrifice for the prosperity of humanity and asking the main question — what makes us human?

10 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

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