New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

Start with the main thing — the film is terrible.

Terribly banal and absolutely straightforward story, which in fact was uncovered in the first five minutes completely, and when key characters are introduced, with the first frame you want to yawn and say, “Yes, it is a he/she.” The fear that “the viewer-not-understand” forced ritscher is a hint (as in the original film) to drive the “intrigue” in the head with a sledgehammer pood, along the way, several times repeating in order to understand even a seven year old child, or alternatively, a gifted audience. This annoying style of delivery.

Actors… Game in the style of the Scarlet Hansen with one Pokerface all life situations, becomes the motto of the film. It’s funny that the home robot shows much more life than local Replicants and humans.

The pattern is incredibly tight: the empty, meaningless plans, dooolgo many passages of the heroes of “10 meters under the oppressive music” just like that, without isolation of the scene. The film can be safely reduced to forty minutes and he will only benefit from this.

Who remembers the original painting object — like, there were also plans for a long and almost static shots! Yes, there was. But! Frames were never empty. They were filled with objects, parts, and, most important — it was all IMPORTANT details. Here we are almost five minutes flying show on the dull areas of the city, and the blocks made of the same dull copy-paste. Why? He wanted to show the Director, the size of the city? Give one a panoramic view, with a smoothly ponimayushaya the line of sight of the camera, and the infinite gray atmosphere of the city will be established at times spectacular and at minutes shorter.

A long time could not find words to Express what he saw, but suddenly I remembered: cargo cult.

Yes, “blade electric shaver 2049” this is nothing like a cargo cult on the original picture. Imitation of external signs, without understanding the essence of the phenomenon.

From Ridley Scott was a flickering light in the office of the head of the Corporation? Great! We will make ten times more flashing lights!

In the original picture was a dark scene with a sharp contour lighting? Yes, we did, half the movie will get!

Which he was static or almost static scenes with some junk in the frame? More, more, timing will benefit from this!

Conclusion — it is impossible to imitate Ridley Scott, if you’re not a Ridley Scott and do not understand what and why is happening on the screen.

2 out of 10.

P. S. it is Noteworthy that on the second day of the show in the running time in the room sat six people. When you view “It” in the same day, almost at the end of the rental, the hall was free only 5-6 seats.

New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

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