New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

Imagine that on the day of birth gave you a great big layer cake. Nothing special, you say, what’s a party without a cake? However, after tasting a piece of… You, literally, broke into a true gastronomic pleasure. “2049” exactly like that cake — a huge and very tasty, to absorb it solely wants a relaxed way, savoring every bite.

It just so happened that released in 1982 film by Ridley Scott to this day retained the title of best Noire-cyberpunk Thriller of all times and peoples. Then fascinating for its uniqueness and profound world, memorable characters headed by then at the peak of popularity with Harrison Ford, unforgettable music, and, of course, the story itself, involving a lot of philosophical questions. All of this combined to become one of the most fascinating journeys in film. And so, as much as 35 years later, uncle Scott, under the strict production control, entrusted his creation into the hands of ambitious Denis Villeneuve, who not only failed in its responsibility, will not stain the honor of the original, but sometimes even wiped his nose to his mentor.

The first thing I want to do right to shout about is the visual component of the picture. Even in the trailers it is possible to ensure the elite status of the local picture. It’s not just about the workshop operatore Roger Dikinsthat without stopping showcases breathtaking panoramas. Here, as in the first part, every detail of the jewelry is comparable to work done with great love to detail. Ranging from night landscapes, plunged into the darkness of Los Angeles to design leather jackets Kay, all of it, like a magnet that will attract your glance.

Nevidannoy forces symbiosis forms the soundtrack. The soundtrack is so authentic in harmony with the visuals that inadvertently created the impression of a unified whole. If the world is presented with the screen itself generates those high-pitched sounds of music.

A little on caste. I don’t usually like to rant about the actors, especially when the best known to all persons, but in this case it is necessary to make an exception. From Ryan Gosling turned a born runner and a worthy successor to retired by Deckard. The way Kay reminded me of another famous hero, who was also played by Gosling. This cool look, laid-back emotions… no, the Key still would not mind to exchange a phrase or two. In General, I mean that Ryan is incredibly good in such roles.

With regards to the old Ford, of course cool after all these years to find out what happened to Rick Deckard himself , Harrison is doing well, but hell, he’s already 75! Now, if a sequel came out for 10 short years since early, I would have unconditionally believed that Deckard is still able to kick a couple of Asses, and… Well, grandpa and grandpa. I don’t know how Ford has enough strength for one more Indiana.

Further, the main villain who’s a villain, but rather a Bastion of utopian ideas with manic tendencies. The problem is that Jared Leto, slightly not enough screen time, making his character not disclosed in full. No, his motivation and goals are clear as day, but would like more. I, for instance, expected their meeting with Kay, but it never came.

Surely, you, like me, the name Ana De Armas says nothing? However, this Cuban actress was an unexpected and pleasant surprise! Holographic girl and part-time, love interest Kay, his charm and constant reincarnation dragged for a good half of the blanket. The paradox, but their romance is believe more than any couple of regular tearful melodrama. Please give them the “Oscar” in the nomination “the Best kinaara”.

And finally let’s move on to what, in fact, all these charms are a plot of the plateau. Note that if you are still not familiar with the original, then you are a complete ignoramus! Kidding, continued to be, quite a normal look even in this case, but for those who are in the subject, the creators left a lot of pleasant surprises. The plot continues to develop ideas of its predecessor, revealing secrets of the past and throwing up new, sometimes unexpected details. I must say that 2049 even more dependent on the impending apathy, hopelessness and comprehensive totalitarianism. But fate played a cruel joke with the main character, only reserves those foundations. In this film Scott and Villeneuve are very similar, and that they both require logical continuation because the ending and the General understatement personally saying that.

In closing, remember the words of one of the heroines of the film — “We remember the feelings.” Indeed, this is a movie to try to feel it, for sure, will remember for a long time.

Best moment — walking up to Kay’s casino in Las Vegas.

New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

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