New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

Karamzin once said that life is like the fruit is sweeter just before its decay. “Blade runner” was such a fetus. Unfulfilled but beautiful promise.

This film provoked the view, it was desirable for me. And especially symbolic were a few episodes in my life shortly before the premiere — as if himself were Vilniem to his vision chilled me to the marrow.

[ The day before going to the cinema one, a woman even incidentally said to me “you Have no soul.” Said I have no soul. It stuck with me for two reasons. First, she knew me closer to many, and therefore had no margin for error in these words. Secondly, she is one of those people who are so perceptive that you can, among other things, doing my nails, throw in your face such an apt remark that it is offensive for sure in a couple of words gives a painful x-ray of all of you. A little to the left, slightly to the right and you’re crushed to the ground. I got to thinking — what exactly did she mean by that? What it is — soul? What do some have it and others are like there? In our age no one recognized particularly religious, but, ironically, God forbid, someone spit in the soul. That is, nowhere. Or not?

The second episode… I work at the plant, where three firms. I.e., the same physical object has three legal entities. Only today, four years later, I asked myself “Why?” “Why three?”. Not the essence of what these questions are in the questions. A colleague explained to me that I thought, “If there is a physical carrier of multiple legal entities, why man not to be a natural carrier of several souls? In the end, what’s in a name? What’s in the passport? You in my past, in my eyes, as they do not consider, you will see the same color” Or not? ]

The film is very Rosmarin, unhurried, similar to meditation. Sensemaking is divided into several episodes, which are in the formulation of several questions: Who is man? Where is his soul? How do you know you’re you that which you used to consider yourself? What if a few well-aimed words can destroy the fragile structure of your soul to the ground? What if your whole life is just fiction? Or not?

I don’t want to seem like a soap Opera from which you pulled the rope, but I swear I was in my life for such a moment (or a memory), when I began to get a strong is not entirely unfounded suspicion that my father is mine. The pulse at this time quickens, the heart shrinks, like a fist, choking your neck with all the hate and strength. Your whole world shifts slightly and falls back, as if sliding down into the background. At this moment it is better not to take any tests at the psychologist. You will fail. Although it would seem, if you think about it logically, what’s the difference who your parents are? And such that physically all your life will remain the same, the physical representation of all your memories about the real past will be the same, but completely change the review and conclusion. Review your life completely will change the rating. It is as if in the final credits of “blade Runner” to see in the line directed along Villeneuve Bondarchuk. It’s like if you know you’re a clone. You’re a Replicant. That you participate in the Truman Show. You won the lottery, you got fired from work, that the native people were killed… And then — no, it’s just someone’s bad joke. Sometimes I think that the lie changes the composition of the blood, so horrific can be its consequences. “Blade runner” about the fragile line between lies and truth. Or between a lie and the even more monstrous lie.

The film like the fog that flows into your eyes, envelops your head, forcing you to believe and not to believe, to doubt what is real to think about… Where is your soul and what is it? At what point the sequence of events becomes vague images of memories? How you are more your name, date of birth and views about you and your surrounding? Where is the Ghost that is in your flesh, creating your dreams — thoughts? And if tomorrow, you know firsthand that your parents are not yours that you got fired, you hate that you have debts that dumped you that you have no soul, nor the money it could borrow from the public opinion… If you learn it all, don’t you shiver, does it mean that only now you found yourself knowing that you have no soul, have found the very soul and became even more than a man… or just crazy from the shock? Or not?

…The film is definitely worth a watch and listen. Visual his images are gorgeous, the musical interludes it pierce you. It is a souvenir from the past to the present, glaring lights of the future. His innuendo is beautiful, its sand and neon shades resonate with the story in perfect rhythmic harmony. His meditative calmness envelops. His nostalgic unreality holds, as the most intimate memories of a lost and beautiful. He will teach you what the soul is, where you see someone you love, not you. If that woman knew how I loved her once, she would understand that I really don’t have souls — but only because I have all the soul gave her. And even though she was just a sweet figment of my imagination, I loved this image, it was all my curves and through the pink glasses of their purblind eyes I saw an angel. Saw what you wanted to see, heard what they wanted to hear. And this was happiness. And the soul sees what he wants to see and hears what he wants, and not what actually is. Such is the nature of this amazing Ghost in man. And you will see in this film what you want — who burning eyes blood who are soulless but beautiful landscapes of the future, who love ghosts, and who the snow white is beautiful and sad, as torn to shreds silk. As torn with the memories of the soul. Amazing Ghost — soul of man — blade runner Ghost. This film is about the soul. Or not? Decide every man.

PS: the storyline with the virtual girl is beautiful!

“And suddenly gladey heat LANIT,
His heart unrest
All quiet, and the Ghost runs!
But before long the mind retains
Initial impressions.”

10 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

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