New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

It was silly to expect much from this film. After all, the original “blade Runner” — a religious painting, a classic of the genre, and Planck was initially unattainable.

I can understand and even approve of the fact that visually, the sequel is very different from the original — the repetition of the word in the word not only stupid looking, but bad impact on the reputation of Villeneuve, because he is considered a visionary, a filmmaker with their own style. But, on the other hand, if something is removed — should be replaced by something logically, but there’s some kind of a vacuum in terms of design. Left at least the smoke room and the light through the blinds and would make a decent Noir, like individual episode of sin city stretched for two and a half hours. No wonder these items are considered mandatory elements of the genre.

Regarding the plot. You better not even try to analyze the plot of the film — it is absolutely absurd. The characters here, except the main character, have no sane motivation. Seriously, try to watch the movie, constantly thinking about what and why is happening in the moment — and it turns out that behind the beautiful facade drawn on the computer landscapes lies a story worthy of the pen of the schoolboy who, besides, in the end they become very lazy to think of something further. Separately can be said about a character’s Summer, for Christ’s sake. What is this? Why? Villeneuve forgot that in the original the main antagonist played brilliant Rutger Hauer? He thought, no one will compare? Why was it necessary to take on this role with such mediocrity? Damn, you’re with Gyllenhaal friends, call him! Maybe he would be able to revive this pathetic character, the loss of which the film would benefit. Such a cardboard villain, a typical CEO of a gloomy movie about the future. Actually, all the characters here do not understand what you are doing and why. The presentation of history has always been a weakness of Villeneuve, but then he just shit the bed. Seriously, “Alien: Covenant” has a much more logical story, but is stupidly space slasher, not an intellectual fiction, what should be, in theory, “blade Runner”. In fact, the film has become a detective with a touch of soap Opera about the children-foundlings. And a very bad detective as the school — clues — here. That is everyone, to find in the end, but don’t explain how. Just did what you asked. Let’s leave the details of the clues behind the scenes. We were too lazy to think of something.

Acting is also to be noted there isn’t much in the film instead of actors recruited people with model looks stiff persons. All play without feeling and depth. These words generally describe well the film has no feelings and no depth. Of course, you should assume that this is a brilliant creative idea — the movie is about Replicants, and that the atmosphere is suitable, gloomy, dead. But, if you think about it, with the universe, it does not fit. And in this movie the Replicants are constantly and out of place crying — I don’t know what it wanted to show the author, if not their ability to feel emotions.

If you watched the original you can look, of course. It’s still a better sequel than, say, star wars 7 or a terminator 5. But dont expect anything except beautiful scenery. If the original was not looking, and can go, although the people in the audience expressed a different opinion.

New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

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