New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

“Blade runner 2049” — all the same Noire, as in 1982, but thirty years later, however, under the guise of cyberpunk Denis Villeneuve not looking for the answer to the question, do androids dream elektroauto, but rather adapted the parable of the prodigal son. After all, what could be more unexpected the perfect visual melodrama with biblical motifs in the world of post-Apocalypse?

Retro-futurism is the new black. Cyberpunk is the new black. Over the last couple of years, the industry went crazy on the neon and Noir, and movies, and games relevant topics alternate with each other, often interwoven in a close symbiosis here and filmed manga “Ghost in the shell”, and stylistically flawless game of “Observer” with Rutger Hauer (by the way, starred in the first “Bladrunner” and do not receive a role from Villeneuve — here it is, the postmodern in all its glory), and less visible projects such as the Ruiner. And it’s only less than a year.

If you combine this fact with the idee fixe 2017 namely to remove remakes and continuations of classic films, than you will get nearly perfect Replicant, seemingly indistinguishable from the legendary gyrotronic movies, but not as lively as the “first generation”. This is probably the main issue Villeneuve: his work has no soul, but it has everything else.

Canadian thoroughly prepared for the sequel to “blade Runner”, after warming up on the field of sci-Fi with last year’s “Arrival”. He enlisted the support of Ridley Scott, who was himself not averse to reconsider their creations (but not always in the right way, “Stranger. Testament”) and who became the producer of the tape. But what is called here and seen where the Shoe pinches: the biblical symbolism of English Director, which he hit in his old age, it is hard not to notice. Unlike the Scott, Villeneuve went in a different direction: he began to reinterpret the classics, and took a flawless continuation.

The timing of the film is almost three hours: it runs like tar on asphalt on a hot summer day, when the scorching sun beats you to the ground and literally leaves you exhausted. To endure such “torture” time is easy with Roger Dickens, who created a picture that, perhaps, says even more eloquent than kolanowska “Dunkirk”. His Los Angeles is cold, gray and beautiful, and the lights of the cars hypnotically dissolved in a thick smog, hiding the main effect of the vague haul. Each frame is at least worthy of becoming a screen saver on desktop as the maximum of attention, rolling into a meditative state, which immerses us operator for a couple with Director.

From it the viewer is able to snatch is that Benjamin Wallfish and Hans Zimmer, who beat a classic soundtrack, and in any case not flirting with Perturbator and the rest of vaporwave, for what it separate thanks. The music here is konkana, broken and tense, as if knocked from under you seat in the theater.

You can not say about the story: it is quite predictable. I would like to remember the adage that “everything of genius is simple”, but, alas, this is not the case. Officer Kay (Ryan Gosling) thoughtfully moved from one place to another, leaving the reflection and thought to himself, meets an old acquaintance of Rick Deckard in the performance of the aged Harrison Ford, which, however, has not changed, and trying to find their place in the world, because non-existent memories haunt exemplary police officer. Somewhere immediately slips the conflict of fathers and children, the theme of Platonic love and of course the eternal question about whether the clones, androids and their ilk with real feelings. In fact, according to the new God of this world blind Tecnomagnete Yanderu Wallace (Jared Leto), he created perfect angels, adopt all the human properties except reproduction. But it is distinguished by a real human being from a Replicant? According to a police officer DTP-37, live births have a soul, though the film is direct evidence to the contrary.

Here, however, and all. But it should be understood that, no matter how annoying the writers of “blade Runner” we must look not because of the plot, which is secondary. This is the perfect visual work, it is necessary to absorb with larger screens, but what dream Replicants and dream of it at all — not your business.

8 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

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