New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

“You haven’t seen a miracle? Never saw a miracle? Here’s the problem: not seen a miracle, so go and have a look. You will see a miracle — a wonderful miracle. Where shop “Dishes”, near the house number three, through the asphalt at the intersection breaks birch” In 1973, 9 years before the symbol of cyberpunk and neo-Noir “blade Runner,” a boy with a girl from the “Soyuzmultfilm” admired the origin of life in the concrete jungle of the world of the future — as fast as what you expect humanity in 2019.

35 years later the successor of decadesago case “To” Ryan Gosling in search of a miracle will explore an alternate reality 2049. This world is not the heir of “Apple” technology, probably, it still exists, the Soviet Union, but this is exactly the future that was given to the people, imagining themselves to be gods, capable of synthesizing their own kind. Do androids dream of electrohouse — on this question of allegory built the eponymous novel by Philip K. dick. Ridley Scott once the best Director in the world, explored the self-concept the psychology of the robot, creating the incredible beauty of the world of cyberpunk. Humanity that has overcome gravity, but dying under the yoke of a militaristic instincts, devouring itself from within, stepped into a strange, but logical alternative future of 2019.

Chronicler 2049 year was Denis Villeneuve, who creates a fantastic career with novinskoe agility. Canadian visionary has appealed to science fiction, “Arrival”, succeeded in the action movie about the everyday life of law enforcers “Killer” and the detective “Captive”. “Blade runner” scene echoes another, earlier work of the Director “Fires” in which the plot is based also on finding the heroes of their roots. But with all the advances Villeneuve “blade Runner” is obviously at a disadvantage — he can’t avoid the comparison with the iconic original. And, of course, what would the Director not made a revolution in the genre of this movie is not become. Another question: whether or not, and that there is a revolution in the world saturated by computer technology. Global franchise and a reboot to turn people into gluttons fed giant products of pop culture.

Multi-level Studio in the structure of any Director becomes the Manager of an operator who methodically following a well-trodden road of a dollar, presses the button… but not Danny. He did, perhaps this whole world that not even imagined by the bosses from “Sony pictures”, whose contribution to the making of the film, in addition to the budget, — the logos on the gadgets. The Director with the familiar operator Roger Dikins and artists who are definitely having electrohouse, borrowed from his recent “Arrival” stringy pessimistic atmosphere, a slow burning rhythm. But if in the pre-apocalyptic “Arrival” humanity has enough humanism to save the world in “blade Runner,” something went wrong. Dark, lush rain endless post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, city of angels synthetic, lowered from heaven giant corporations is not the same. He is buried in industrial waste and gloom of a nuclear winter, forgotten sun, sogrevaet California Paradise rays somewhere in another reality, in which the same Ryan Gosling patent leather shoes in the dance swirled with Emma stone. Neon cold city dark filled with trash the hallways ends in a door. 30 squares favorite hologram decorate the dinner candles from ones and zeros, ask how the day went — artificial, illusory happiness. But is it bad and where is the border between reality and dream, told by someone’s ingenious imagination, the line that is broken in the battles of the fingers fumbled with Ford Deckard? And if the meaning of life, in bytes, of cheap flash drives, what is the price of feelings in this cyber world?

Reborn, supplemented by “blade Runner” asked the same questions. As podobayetsya encroaching on something sacred project, he will receive a portion of criticism. Get it for true, but the slow rhythm, and Gosling, who “never Ford” as it may seem. But he didn’t have to be a Ford, at least in terms of the logic of the plot. “Running” is definitely worthy development classics, the largest and most complex picture of one of the strongest filmmakers of the sun in Hollywood, where in the summer almost no rain — if only in someone’s electric dreams…

New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

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