New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

The sequel to “blade Runner” does, perhaps, the most important in relation to its predecessor: it does not copy and does not leave to memory the movie in 1982, but instead, he wisely expands the universe of Blade runner, telling their own story and develops the ideas underlying the tape, as Scottand the novel of Philip K. dick. Downright exemplary sequel, which even under a microscope looks correct, complete and almost perfect.

Each component of “blade Runner 2049” accomplishes his mission, eventually interwoven into an exciting and fascinating fabric that sweeps for almost 3 hours in one go, only a few moments of tiring. The pace of the tape by Denis Villeneuve came directly from Ridley. Slow the action a Noir detective, which is painfully slow, but it does not loosen and tighten. Tighten this cold and uncomfortable world of the future, where the loonie could once again catch the thread of the original. His film conveys the same atmosphere so convincingly that the viewer would not doubt, the sequel to what movie he’s watching. The main difference in the spirit of tape — is the magnitude. Locations there is much more, the world is much wider, but the discomfort and coldness remained, even if not felt so strongly as in the precursor. Danny managed not only to successfully recreate this chimeraplasty dirty and nasty world, but to do so, to this abode of the Replicants and humans have conquered even more, largely due to the excellent visual and audio parts. Roger Dikins long deserved the coveted Golden statuettes for his work with the camera,”“Blade Runner 2049”” proves once again. Almost every frame here can be cut and put in a frame to hang throughout my apartment it entirely, and there will remain still three-four extra. The visual part is absolutely extraordinary, starting from the color gamut of each scene and ending. Aesthetic feast, served on the screen and deliciously seasoned with a wonderful audio. Zimmer creates something of a supernova that so sticks in the memory as it works from the “Beginning” or “Interstellar“, with “Dunkirk“, but the soundtrack is Hans and Benjamin Wallfish to continue Running was absolutely appropriate to everything and perfectly complements it. And the combination of audio and video part can not leave the viewer indifferent, and the ribbon gives you the opportunity to surpass the original.

But the first “blade Runner” took its unusual style along with the thoughts invested in this creation. Of course, there is a great merit of Philip K. dick with his androids and their elektrotovrami, but Scott together with his team, his work based on the work of the writer held quite well, giving great food for thought about life, death, fear and humanity, creating essentially one of the best sci-Fi movies of all time. And Villeneuve manages not to lose face in the dirt even here. He takes the main ideas of the movie in 1982, shifting the emphasis from human Replicants, becoming, of course, is more straightforward than it was from Ridley,and gradually develops these thoughts, forcing the viewer to think about the eternal and frightening. The ribbon can not just to catch up on the spectator philosophical arguments, but also gives the opportunity to be not just deluded like him and his characters. When sitting in a chair, you might think that the main mystery is revealed, knowledgeable and so ably served the turn in one moment makes you look at things from the other side. And if it does not thrill, it certainly will make for a good grin in the best tradition, for example, the same of Gosling from “La La land“.

And he Gosling here is quite different. Runner Ryan felt much new, though, and continues to be a typical, and in its rightful place, where every emotion of the character, whether it is internal experience of love, disappointment, and discovery feels to the viewer as it should thanks to the lead actor. Speaking of love, which here goes on the second plan and through, but done so sensitively and beautifully, not to mention it. The love story of Gosling and heroine Ana de Armas — probably one of the most interesting things of that sort in the movies of this genre. Of course, it’s not Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson, but here that love and not dedicated to the whole movie. In essence, this line has not even impact on the main plot, but it is vital, truly complementing the new hunter of Replicants and creating new food for thought on the pattern of feelings in this corrupt, dirty and trivialized the world of this most wonderful future with a wonderful virgin.

Not to praise Denis Villeneuve for this extension would be very unfair to him. The canadian was able to reinvigorate and energize the cult of the original “blade Runner” even more, but Denis was able to create something new, which, though similar, but quite different in spirit time. Undoubtedly, the success of the new tape is entirely going on with the tape of Scott. Don’t be the style and the ideas, it is unlikely today’s canadian efforts would be enough to create this. And the Director knows it. Villeneuve approached with respect for what has allowed his work to be, and performed their job masterfully, creating a worthy sequel to the original level where the weakest part is the timing, so long and stringy, but so beautiful and disgusting pleasant. Everything normal, and not fassbinders covenants Ridley.

Blade runner 2049” — exactly the movie that deserves attention. Slow and smooth, beautiful and bewitching, intelligent and sensual. But the most important is how this sequel complement the original and the original sequel expands, allowing you to look at both films is much more wide view and to feel the tragedy of heroes by yourself.

Of course, it is quite understandable criticism of the new Blade Runner lose the ribbon, 1982, because at first glance it may seem bright but soulless is the perfect model-a Supplement, which is made on the patterns and similarity of the sample, but which does not introduce anything new. But nowhere is it written that it is bad. “Blade Runner 2049” very similar to its predecessor, but similar only in terms of frame and mind, but is not an emotionless doll, devoid of its special properties. After all, isn’t a Replicant, so much like a person can not dream about something bigger and to be special in their own way?

New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

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