New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

There were so many thoughts about life, as there were many claims that the man is a kind of being that has evolved and has become self-sufficient or above it no one will.

But, nevertheless, representatives of both scientific and theological schools have expressed that this is not the end and people will be able to create its continuation with the possibility of a lack of further reproduction. Your mind and soul will stay with You forever.

The first mention about human-like robot was mentioned in a Czech play in 1920 “Rossumovi univerzalni roboti”. And after this play was the widespread use of the word robot. In Czech, robota means drudgery, hard work, boon. In the Russian language this word is associated with slavery.

Fortunately this word has been used many times and analyzed in the writing of different books by authors: Isaac Asimov, Philip K. dick, etc.

Starting from the works of the first two listed both writers made the most significant contribution in the development of ideas of human life in the environment the active use of artificial intelligence and likely to be due to this addict or even victim with a dangerous outcome.

The basis of these reflections was a simple question whether artificial intelligence to be as receptive and sensitive to various unquantifiable events occurring in human life, namely, to love, to hate, to desire happiness, death, envy, etc., etc.

It so happened that most of the works data writers was filmed, but the most powerful semantic chord was made Philip Wild, after the publication of do androids Dream elektroauto? (1968).

This work is considered by many fans of the world Si-Fi it is believed that here occurred the proper presentation of the theme of the meaning of the crossing of man and machine.

And ask questions about creating copies of people like cheap slave force that has no ability for self-determination and cycle for their health does not allow them to realize their existence.

If you analyze the time until 1968, there was a couple of tests, and other authors, who also tried to implement this issue, for example:

1) Arthur Koestler — the ghost in the machine (1967)

2) Isaac Asimov — I, Robot (1950)

Film adaptation of the book blade Runner in 1982, gave a powerful impetus to the development of cyberpunk and its related branches.

The idea of human life with the Replicants on a level can’t be taken seriously, since, because artificial intelligence is taken for granted the electronic shell, which was collected and programmed from the outside, and was not born in a natural way that supposedly goes beyond all boundaries of time, existence and non-existence in the prism of identity (who am I?, where am I?).

Of course the writing and submission dick adaptation film Ridley Livestock have focused on the lack of not only artificial intelligence, but on the man himself that We, too, can be insensitive and treat ourselves as part of the interior.

Man is destined for life to survive, but happiness and wealth for one person could be poverty and misery for another, the world of blade Runner is filled with philosophy, culture, psychology, etc. scientific wind thinking which themselves cannot be perceived by the layman seriously and with interest to the semi-basic knowledge in these areas.

This film may not be perceived as a entertaining picture.

The sequel to blade Runner in 2049, lets us consider this question not only at a new level, but also with the idea of the likelihood that science will enable the machine to produce itself by humanoid, that may lead to a “total cleansing” of the human race, where in the new world, no disease, no pain, but there is an entirely new spiritual approach to the perception of ourselves.

The theme of man and machine is now being discussed very closely and talk about the near future, you can have a relatively tomorrow. But the outcome will depend on us.

The film itself has a large “+”:

– the cast: Harrison Ford in your 75 looks great and I hope next film with him; Ryan Gosling, for me proved to be that it can be an interesting actor who knows how to live, not to play.

– visual presentation (darkness, dullness)

– music: Hans Zimmer, man band, each new film is always a treat.

– Respect FOR the ORIGINAL and competent addition to the universe.

Blade runner is 2049

10 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

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