New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

This is the best dystopia years, if not decades. Besides, in my humble opinion, is one of the best sequels that I have ever seen. Villeneuve, with all the inherent skill and talent, exciting continued story of Scott, presenting to the world one of the best movie in the style of cyberpunk. A leisurely story about the world of the near future, as bleak and doomed, and will certainly make a thinking viewer to feel the story. What defines a person? Why sometimes it becomes more humane Replicant of the real man? Officer Key — Replicant origin, asks questions of the soul, he was no stranger to love and compassion. And in his example, he shows that the machine is capable of cold-bloodedly to lie, to disobey orders in the name of something higher. And the Replicant Love is not only the perfect killing machine, but the living vanity, for its owner it is a “soul”, every instruction it executes not mechanically, but with the realization that she’s special, “a better angel”. But still somewhere on the horizon there is a story about a miracle that made the viewer of the infamous Rachel. All these plot threads lead to revolution, because the machines not only imagined, but also really represent something more than they were established by the Creator. I think the third part should be, for three hours, the story went, but the finish never came. What all these prerequisites will result will be interested to know.

Despite all the gloom and tragedy, this story is very beautiful. Visually, technically its a pleasure to witness almost three hours. The music perfectly fits the narrative of the story. Pleasantly pleased caste actors. The gorgeous Gosling and Harrison Ford, and a wonderful all-female ensemble. Especially liked Love the image and the performance at altitude. The plot is exciting and intriguing, and I found that the story covered. This is the manner of Villeneuve is known to all before this film, and I like it. But here a matter of taste. Someone in the session climbed at the wall and whined, and when it’s all over. Here we have to see, hear, and, most importantly, to think. Because the movie is not popcorn and not filmed for a mass audience.

Little has been duplicated a love story from the movie “her” Jones, was also partly raised from the paintings. But, apparently, not in vain. Because this topic is topical, although I hope to this exaggerated state of love, humanity still has not come.

The only minus of this picture — text from a terribly small font size, which met several times in the film. Not so, half are not, even in 3D format. And so Bravo.

New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

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