New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

“Blade runner 2049” — a good example of what a sequel released more than 30 years after the original film may not hit the dirt face, and worthy to continue the story a long time ago. In our days, the phenomenon itself is rare, one has only to recall the sequel to “independence Day”…

Let’s start with words of praise to the address of the tape. The first thing that catches the eye is, of course, the visual component. To camera work, effects and colors is impossible to find fault: the grim world of the future, surviving the hardships of a nuclear war, rebellions, uncontrollable growth of technology and collapse of the ecosystem is transferred perfectly. Moreover, “2049” expands the horizons of what we already could see in the picture 1982, and it shows us what has become of planet Earth outside of major Metropolitan areas. That in itself captures the spirit and imagination. However, as the first film, and the source — namely, the book of Philip K. dick “do androids Dream elektroauto?” — this film tells us what events brought the planet to such a state, why and between what countries was the war, and how the laws of the world lives. It is, in fact, can be considered both as a plus and as a minus, because the uncertainty gives free rein to the imagination, the spectator may think of that all by myself, on the other hand personally, I was interested to learn more of the preconditions to the events shown in the film (and that’s not even taking into account the short prequels, slightly lifting the veil of secrecy regarding some events)

Actors. Most of them, I thought, well fit into their roles. Some of them, however, set aside too little time (especially disappointed by the limited role of Dave Batista, I would like to see a few longer, in the film, he appears before us in an interesting role). About the lead actor — Ryan Gosling — I, in General nothing special to say. Honestly, I don’t really like as an actor, because the vast majority of the films in which he played, his expression rarely changing. In “blade Runner 2049” we are, by and large, we see a typical Gosling that whole movie goes with a wistful expression. Although, in General, perhaps it is even justified here, considering in what character he plays (I think those who have seen the movie understand me). Jared Leto is well accustomed to the role of the main antagonist of the tape and plays it on the five, however, and his appearances on the screen allotted less time than I would have liked. Harrison Ford is definitely good, however, it seemed to me, aged and battered by life, Rick Deckard does not look like the Rick we saw in the original. Mean what characters they each other not very similar, and doesn’t look Ford to “2049” as Deckard, lived for many years as a hermit, under the weight of heavy memories from the past. But this is, again, my opinion, anyway — no one else but Harrison Ford could not (and would not be eligible) to play this role.

Plot. After reading some reviews, I noticed that some reviewers blame the fact that in the film, little of action scenes and General narrative it is too calm and measured. I have to say — this film should not expect fierce firefights and many beautiful explosions. The narrative and the unfolding of the plot in the sequel keeps the same pace as in the original picture by Ridley Scott. Here more emphasis on the slowness of the flow and visual beauty of the panoramas dark world, the filmmakers give the viewer time to dream and to ponder the questions posed by the author. Called “blade Runner” philosophical movie in the full sense of the word I do not dare, but the fact that it raises philosophical questions is the fact. What I’m not going to say Yes, and it has absolutely no meaning, because for each person they can be different.

In our days science-fiction movies are rarely as that in addition to the contemplation of a beautiful picture, the viewer has time to reflect on some things, and I consider that a huge plus of this tape. And the presence of action scenes with lots of gunfights and explosions, in my opinion, this is the time I would be instantly negated.

To summarize, I would say that “2049” I really liked it, despite the fact that I actually are not such an ardent fan of “blade Runner” 82-year issue, although, no doubt — I think it’s a great movie. Danny Villeneuve managed to convey all the subtleties and nuances of the atmosphere of the original paintings, but he did manage to bring in this amazing universe something unique and beautiful. And perhaps, I dare say this is one of the best sci-Fi films coming out in recent years.

9 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 07.10.2017

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