New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

Good movies do not often go. Gorgeous face very rarely. Such films as “blade Runner” rolled out once a decade, and in the same genre and some less.

Of course, the original film has made an invaluable contribution to the development of cinema and culture in General. Ridley Scott has created a masterpiece (there is little left from the “Sheep” dick).

Scott considered under a new perspective, the problem of the Creator and the creation (among other things), originally depicted the future, invented many of the techniques of visual narrative. However, the film has enough flaws (and what movie they are not), the key of which is some indistinctness of narration, but the overall contribution of large values they have.

Denis Villeneuve has created a ribbon in many respects superior to its predecessor.

The script works like a clock — all occurring naturally and clearly. The story is told sequentially. All the guns shoot.

“Blade runner: 2049” communicates with the viewer primarily on the language of visual storytelling. Extended episodes devoid of the spoken language, great live talking plans, magic camera work.

The music perfectly matches what is happening on the screen — the movie sounds fresh and original.

Almost no action.

Each dialogue focused on a Central idea, enriching it, and filling the context depth. Scenes and plans still stand before my eyes in the memory of the sound the dialogue of the characters. Everything that happens works for the concept. Nothing more. The measured and meditative narrative is not just an issue of the film — here it works.

All of the above creates incredible depth of immersion into the atmosphere of what is happening. Feel like snow melting in your hand; pulls as light dry dusty air; like dripping water on my cheek.

Feels delicate continuity in the tape, Scott, but otherwise it’s quite a different movie. Villeneuve does not seek to repetition, but expands the universe “Running”, enriched with new meanings. The problem of the Creator and the creation is seen in the progression (again, by other things).

Very not enough of these paintings. These contemplative canvases (Tarkovsky, Kubrick) requires a special mood and are not designed for the unprepared viewer, but its beauty sure will not make anyone indifferent.

Peace, inspiration, and purification. These words can roughly describe my state after viewing the pictures. Don’t remember when it ever had until this last time. Probably something like the believer feels after a selfless prayer or a yogi after deep meditation. Like a drink of cool water from a spring in the middle of the Savannah. Even if it sounds pathetic, but very well describes the feeling.

The picture “blade Runner: 2049” certainly can be called a work of genius.

New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

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