New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

I can’t say that I am an ardent fan of “blade Runner” 1982, rather, I respect this film and why “blade Runner 2049” I was waiting with interest in particular from Director Denis Villeneuve who was entrusted with great responsibility to continue one of the most iconic films in the cyberpunk world created by Ridley Scott and due to a strong cast in the face of Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford and Jared Leto.

The action of “blade Runner 2049” comes after 30 years since the events occurring in the original. In front of us less-than-lovely future, where in the world people and Replicants quite tense. Agent Kay is a police officer, he is a Replicant, which falls into a confusing cycle of events associated with a former special forces officer Rick Deckard disappeared many years ago.

Before going to the cinema I decided to revisit “blade Runner” to refresh your memory so to speak and now looking version of 2017 I can say that Denis Villeneuve has managed to recreate the spirit of the original, harmoniously continue the story, to do it so delicately and with respect for the source that you want a standing ovation.

First of all it concerns the visual component, which was shown 35 years ago the time was a breakthrough, now, in my opinion, the viewer becomes increasingly difficult to surprise the special effects that can please the “blade Runner 2049” — created atmosphere, futuristic types, and it’s worth it, recreated the world of “blade Runner” thanks to new technologies, gained even greater naturalism.

As for the story itself, there are interesting questions about people and Replicants are about equality and superiority, about finding and accepting yourself. To be honest, I thought that was a fairly decent timing can play a cruel joke, but it turned out that the movie was done so subtly, naturally, and despite the fact that this movie is quite slow, view time passed very quickly, and the story grabs from the first to the last second.

On the actors. Ryan Gosling, Okay, his character is not too wordy, he’s looking for answers to questions that give him no peace, he wants to understand who he is, in General, Gosling looked in the image above all praise. Harrison Ford, Deckard, his character was located for many years on the run is again in the spotlight because of the circumstances, which found Kay, Ford played against the gap. Jared Leto, Wallace, in my opinion, not enough screen time to reveal the character, the motives of his character is understandable, but weak antagonist it turned out, I thought it would be more charismatic, that is. Of the female characters I would like to mention Ana de Armas, joy, for me it was a surprise that her heroine girl is a hologram, then I casually watched the teaser, maybe this time I missed, by the way I basically did not watch the later trailers that the spoiler doesn’t catch, so her character is pretty interesting and unusual.

In General, the “blade Runner 2049” turned out to be a worthy sequel, which “did not fall face in the dirt”, it retains the style and atmosphere of the original music sneaks, straight up chills as the original is quite a specific movie, I mean, the manner of filing of the events, there are virtually no some incredible action scenes, and film to say, not too dynamic, but what is happening on the screen does not get bored, and the events through which to go to the heroes are forced to worry about them and wonder what in the end they will come.

New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

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