New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

Watching how rapidly the world is changing as humanity moves to the sixth technological order, you are surprised to realize that what once seemed the limit of science fiction is now becoming reality. Now hardly we can imagine an ordinary life without smartphones, computers, Internet and so on. But the more technological innovation replaces the previously usual things, those with anxiety thinking about how far it can go. The impact of new technologies on society has become one of the leitmotifs fiction Thriller “blade Runner 2049”.

Synopsis Los Angeles, 2049. Police officer K. is engaged in search and capture of escaped a few years ago, Replicants, artificially derived biomechanical androids, created to do their dirty work. During the next single RAID K. discovers the remains of the female Replicant, which, as it turns out, was pregnant, and shortly before his death, gave birth to a child. From this point K. to find out who owned these remains, to find the child and discover the key to unlocking a mystery that could cost the existence of all humanity.

Overall a film worthy of praise for the talented and quite convincing actors of the game. First of all, I would like to mention Ryan Gosling in the role of an emotionless police officer K., resigned to his fate Replicant, but in the soul dream to become a real man. Of the minor roles I would have said, strange as it may sound, Sylvia hooks, hladnokrovnoe and calculating villain, betrayed his Creator and ready to grab the throat of everyone who gets in her way.

Of course, the producers could hire as a Director of any renowned personality who had experience with a similar genre. However, their choice fell on the canadian Denis Villeneuve, and I can say the choice they made the right decision. “Blade runner 2049” turned out not easy a fantastic blokbasterom to a mass audience, and a deep fantastic drama, which took up the issue of the future of technology and humanity. The film was atmospheric and exciting, what is the role played by the disturbing classic music of Hans Zimmer. Someone from the audience will complain about the lack of dynamics, but it is not a Thriller. Movie need to watch, listen and think.

The script has the form of a twisted detective, whose action is developed in the near future. Opens the picture the arrival on the farm, on which, after the elimination of lubricant the hero discovers the remains of. It turns out that the remains belonged to a female Replicant who managed to produce offspring, which in itself is unimaginable. Trying to understand this complex case, Candidate go into an investigation, collecting every puzzle. If before the case was committed to service, soon it becomes something personal that probably applies to its past and former COP Rick Deckard. Unfortunately, the story has some flaws, leaving open questions on the subject of the fate of certain characters and yet the purpose of the conspiracy.

Summary let me punish the fans but I watched this movie, not knowing the content of the first part. And to be honest, my impression is not at all aggravated. Most likely, thanks to Director Denis Villeneuve and a fascinating detective story, the film attracted much more than a mediocre action movie. And although the movie left some white spots, it makes one think about how society is obsessed with future technology.

8 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

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