New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

For those who don’t like long reviews — “blade Runner 2049” is just awesome!

And now a little more developed. This is one of those movies for which all cinema was created. Must see, without even thinking. Preferably in IMAX 3D, the format created for this movie.

I think I got the most powerful aesthetic pleasure ever. I came out of the cinema some time ago, but writing this entry with a still slack-jawed. Incredibly, fantastically beautiful film. The visual part is not just exciting, it’s crippling and makes enthusiastically to look at the screen, afraid for one second to look away.

The only question that worried me before going to the movie: is it possible to remove a worthy sequel to the cult film brand that once defined a whole genre of science fiction in the cinema? Of course. But Denis Villeneuve’s was not. “Blade runner 2049” turned out even better than the first part.

The first “blade Runner” was released in 1982 and became a cultural phenomenon. Filmed based on the novel of Philip K. dick’s “do androids Dream of electrohouse”, it was the first film in the style of cyberpunk movie that defined a genre for years to come. These films later inspired the creators of such cult phenomena as the “Ghost in the shell”, “the Matrix” and many others.

It was funny when I showed the first part to his friend and heard him say, “Oh, it’s like “Ghost!”. No, my friend, is in “Ghost”, as here. But not Vice versa.

In General, the contribution to the science fiction of this film is invaluable.

Besides, it was a mixture of Thriller, all the attributes of a Noir film and dystopia that has so far been generally incompatible. But Ridley Scott managed to organically connect these parts so that the movie delighted even Philip K. dick, although the final version was as far from the original novel.

I met him in 2002, and this film gave me boundless love for science fiction.

But the first “Running” was not only a fantastic film, but a philosophical parable puts before the audience a lot of questions, some of which are left at the mercy of the viewer open.

After 35 years, Denis Villeneuve decided to shoulder the huge responsibility and made a sequel, which takes place 30 years in the framework of the universe. He had to answer questions entrenched in the minds of many. Answer is old, but so as not to disappoint the viewers, and certainly to put new questions and to make everything not only better, more beautiful, more spectacular, but, at least, to maintain the level of philosophy.

He turned. The main question of the franchise posed here: what makes us human? But look at the problem upside down now. If the first part of Deckard asked a question, not a Replicant if he is, the continuation of Key wonders, not whether he is a human.

But to answer the question that has caused a lot of discussions, theories and so on: is Deckard a Replicant, not this. And this is probably the right move, which could make Danny Villeneuve.

The film, of course, failed. Villeneuve took a great script, returned the older, but still gorgeous Harrison Ford, added Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto, Ana de Armas, Robin Wright scrambled and delivered a stunning beauty, neonoir in the setting of postapokalipsisa, who want to revise, revise and revise again, despite the timing almost three hours.

And the music here is incredibly atmospheric. Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Walvis created the perfect accompaniment for the elegant picture, diluting it with classic hits of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. By the way, the fight scene between Ford and the Gosling under Can’t Help Falling in Love one is worthy to see this movie.

It is a pity only that part is unlikely to become as iconic as the first. New here neither in technical nor in terms of plot nothing, revolution this film will not produce. For 35 years mankind have become accustomed to cyberpunk, dystopia and special effects.

But whatever it was, it was definitely one of the best sci-Fi films of the decade. If not more. And it is absolutely the case when three hours of wasted time and money is absolutely not a pity.

And given the fact that recently, Ridley Scott had created his own franchise created by “Alien”, I want to say: Denis Villeneuve, thank you for not Scott.

And if anyone reading this review to think about whether this film Veneman, it is another question. Cinema is generally like for these movies here. And I’ll go on it again. Or two. Or five.

P. S. Denis Villeneuve has a dream to film the famous novel by Frank Herbert, “dune.” After the stunning “Running” Hollywood is willing to give him the opportunity to realize the dream. Looking forward to, because “dune” certainly deserve good representation on the screen.

9 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

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