New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

The news about the launch of the continuation of the cult film kiberpankovye I initially took without proper enthusiasm.

And directing my position of trust did not cause — reason to praise for dull “Sicario” Villeneuve I have not seen. “The arrival” I was not looking, the rest is also not to say that impressed. I did not believe and the violent reaction of Ford and on the script of the film.

But the appearance of trailers, interviews and short films have changed my opinion and I was damn curious!


2049. The policeman Kay from special forces to combat the raging Replicants of “blade runner” will learn important information that threatens the entire human race. Trying to understand, he finds more questions than answers.

On this note begins the story.

The world of “blade Runner 2049” differs from its predecessor. He became more grim: rain was non-stop rain, neon billboards are colder and gloomier atmosphere. Rising up skyscrapers reminiscent of the tower of Babel. Humanity does seem to have divided the question in one language and answer in another.

It is important to note that Villeneuve went beyond the city — there are lifeless wasteland, a dump of scrap metal, farm Replicant of Supper, which is a gardener and lives in a modest Spartan. The latter an obvious reference to Paradise, a small island of hope in this dark cyberpunk world.

It is important to note that in this whole situation in the world remains of the USSR Billboard touring ballet company. It is not entirely clear: Villeneuve shows mountain world/earthly world, or hell/purgatory/Paradise. Or the fact that there is another world within the universe of the film? Maybe there is no subtext or double meaning and it’s just a detail. Although, on the farm Supper inscriptions in greenhouses in Russian. Is it a coincidence?

The main conflict remains the same — the game of man in God. Only if the first part Replicants were depicted as hunted beasts, resisting extermination, they are really asking — “I’m trembling Creature or the right?”. References to the Bible a lot — for example, the theme of the immaculate conception.

Villeneuve can still be praised for the amazing poetry of motion shot: I can’t remember the last time so thin, beautiful and cosmically removed the waterfall and the sparks of the fire. The latter even Nathional geographic not boasted.

What’s missing from the film is film Noir. The only reference to this genre is a band-aid on the nose of the Gosling before the finale. This is a clear reference to “Chinatown” Polanski. The gloom is present, but it’s just the darkness without the fatalism and erased distinctions between good and bad.

Villeneuve, a talented but not brilliant. He is a skillful artist but not yet a master! His strokes are still too expresivi and it lacks glazing. The final battle is not as poignant as the ending of the original and the dialogue of Descartes and Wales clearly lack the drama and intensity. Not to mention the fact that very few metaphors — some things are in plain text. Yes, and the long duration was manifestly excessive — some episodes are very stretched.

8 out of 10

We got a decent sequel. On the issues raised in the film have a lot to think about. Will be the picture of the cult or not — time will tell.

But the obvious prerequisite to this is no.

Villeneuve proved that there is potential in a clever fiction, but he himself still does not prevent podnatorel in the profession.

New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

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