New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017


Not that I was waiting for this movie, but still fresh in the memory of the experience of “Arrival” Villeneuve, because it was very interesting to appreciate his new work, “blade Runner 2049″.

At some point while browsing the “Running” (and it was 3D and the huge screen), the following happened: I forgot which side I have is a bucket of popcorn. And, frankly, the jaw pretty quickly came to the condition of the blade and stubbornly docked with popcorn. And why? Yes, because I got into some Paradise for the visual. In short, I’m ready to kiss the handle to the operator because it was something unforgettable. If you are familiar with this story, as full immersion, then this is where it happened. So full that, looks like someone choked on top and disappeared into cinematic magic.

With the meticulousness of a perfectionist Villeneuve builds an incredible world of potapa, painted in steampunk copper, grey, metallic-tone cyber reality. Slowly vzmetayutsya in the sky sparks, regular hexagons of snowflakes falling in the palm, the life line which is Packed with caked blood, millions of hectares of seedy Los Angeles — iron catacombs, lit a giant holographic commercials, the orange sky color almost Martian sand, his head and shoulders raised, man-made miser interiors and honey colors cozy loft in the heart of a nuclear accident, divorce of sea salt on the drenched clothes, water ripples on the walls of the Corporation, creating a new kind of homosapiens — the mysterious Replicants, a kind of pleasant vertigo, hell… the World is scary and insanely beautiful at the same time.

But that’s not all. “Running” is sooo slow. It flows slowly, like an old cognac in the throat burnout sommelier. Long plans, birth and dying emotions on the face, thoughtfulness and consistency in every shot, in every movement of the character.

As for the plot, it is simple and will fit in five sentences. Director if he is running on the blade: on the one hand it is an expensive and ridiculous Arthouse, on the other — a very long blockbuster. I think the creators managed to stay on the thin side, not falling in any of the above horrors. Miracles of balancing act, however.

Conclusion: the visuals must watch for the lovers of the popcorn to take a bucket more, for almost three hours… it Seems that the deceived will remain only fans of the continuous action. But flying cars are very fun to flop to the ground, so might be worth a try.

8 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

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